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Stress Support by VitaBalance Review: Our Thoughts

This might be the only Stress Support Review you’ll ever need to read to make up your mind on whether this dietary supplement is worth your time or not.

Meant to calm you down without any of the infamous side effects associated with amphetamines like Adderall, this OTC formula sounds like a game-changer. Or is it?

Its ingredient list comprises some of the well-known nootropics like L-Theanine and GABA as well as a few little-known soothers like chamomile, hops, and lemon balm.

But how exactly does this relatively popular Calm Now soothing stress formula alternative fare when put to actual use?

Quick Facts

Product Name: Stress Support

Manufacturer: VitaBalance (Richmond, VA)

Product Category: Vegan-Friendly Dietary Supplement

Official Website:

In the following few paragraphs, we examine what different customers have to say about the stack and compare that with some of the breakthroughs made in the world of science.

Stress Support Ratings – Product Review

Vitabalance Stress Support Real User Reviews

Made by VitaBalance, one of the well-known makers of multivitamin supplements, this product has been marketed as a potential game-changer in restorative medicine. The manufacturer has its headquarters in Virginia, that’s right here in the USA plus a branch in the United Kingdom as well.

As you would expect of any other supplements company operating legally within the country, they boast two crucial accreditations. One from the GMP which confirms that their manufacturing and handling facilities are safe.

The second one is from the FDA. This one confirms that the ingredients used within their products are safe to be used as dietary supplements and to be sold over-the-counter.

So, as far as your safety is concerned, this product and indeed all other products made by VitaBalance seem to tick all the right safety boxes.

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Does It Work? – What Different Customer Reviews Say

Right off the bat, we’d like to say that YES this product works. There is no reason why it shouldn’t. Its list of ingredients confirms that indeed, this is a well-made, natural product. Also, we can deduce that it works by improving the composition of neurotransmitters.

Wait, what’s that all about?

Neurotransmitters are found in the brain and are mainly involved in determining our emotions, reactions and so forth. For instance, dopamine is associated with happiness while serotonin is associated with a sense of satisfaction. On the other hand, there are hormones like cortisol which are entirely responsible for stress and anxiety.

So, it’s safe to say that Stress Support by Vitabalance (Formerly Anti-Anxiety Plus) works by helping you cut off the negative stuff and replace those with the positive stuff.


Here now are some of the latest customer review posted about this product.

“It provides you with fast relief from social anxiety. It’s formulated from natural ingredients.” Jason Vredenburg shared via Consumer Health Digest (March 13, 2019).

“This product is quite effective at calming your nerves and it can get you in perfect shape within a few minutes.” Lemarc Gentles from Flava Health Posted (January 17, 2019).

“Based on what we’ve learned from authoritative sources, this product contains ingredients that have demonstrable links to reducing the symptoms of anxiety in humans or rats.” Tyler Cooper, Staff Member at HighYa posted (December 1, 2017).

“By following the instructions provided on the bottle, it is possible to avoid its negative effects and obtain satisfactory results.” Albert Prieto of Discount Devotee posted (December 27, 2018).

The List of Ingredients

Ingredients of Vitabalance Stress Support

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It’s not the hype around a product that makes it effective but rather the ingredients it comes with. Compromise on any of these and you are bound to end up with one of the most useless supplements ever created.

Do the ingredients found in Stress Support work as claimed? Let’s list them down and discuss the weight of the scientific studies supporting the inclusion of each one of them into this formula.


Chamomile is an aromatic plant that’s popularly used to spice up tea. One thing you need to know is that this particular ingredient has the reputation of being a mild tranquilizer. Its soothing effects are attributed to the fact that it contains apigenin which binds into some receptors in your brain.

One study showed that if one receives 400 mg of this particular ingredient per day, they are likely to enjoy significantly better sleep than those who didn’t receive any (source).


GABA is included within this formulation owing to its abilities to regulate brain activity. As a neurotransmitter, it plays an important role in facilitating a seamless transfer of information among brain cells. As a supplement, it is commonly used to soothe anxiety, stress and high blood pressure (source).

Griffonia Seed Extracts (5-HTP Enriching Ingredient)

This is a 5-HTP rich extract. 5-HTP is a well-known precursor to Serotonin which is a highly important neurotransmitter in promoting relaxation, reduced stress and boosting appetite. Its powder form is also popularly added to coffee thanks to its anxiolytic properties. (Source).


These are popularly found in beer although the fact that they are usually fermented means that you can hardly enjoy their natural tranquilizing benefits in that state. Fortunately, what you find here are bitter herb hops also known as Humulus lupulus which scientists have identified as a reliable sedative. (Source).

Passion Flower

If your anxiety symptoms include night sweats and depression, this might just be the right ingredient to turn to. It contains two important alkaloids known as “benzoflavone” and “chrysin.” Those two can increase the production of GABA which is a highly important neurotransmitter in managing depression. (Source).


The German government recently approved it for as one of the methods of managing sleep-related symptoms. Besides that, Hippocrates, the father of medicine identified it as a game-changer in remedying insomnia and Native Americans used it to treat wounds.

With a history stretching back to the days of the Roman and Greek empires, this herb remains one of the most popular methods of regulating neuronal activity as shown in this study. (Source).

Lemon Balm

Also known as Melissa officinalis, lemon balm is popularly used as a calming agent and mild sedative. In one study conducted among healthy individuals, 600mg of this particular ingredients was linked to an increase in self-ratings of calmness.

The same study further reported that lemon balm can boost one’s speed of mathematical processing.


200 mg of L-Theanine is the standard dose needed to support natural stress relief. One thing you need to know about this ingredient is that it is involved in the process of balancing the alpha and beta waves in the brain.

Commonly found in green tea leaves, it has the potential to soothe anxiety and keep you in top shape even when facing challenging situations. (Study).

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Stress Support (Anti Anxiety Plus) Side Effects

While the product is 100% safe, it may bring about some side effects if taken in larger-than-recommended dosages. But provided you take it within the limits, chances are that you won’t notice any undesired effects from it. Some of its potential side effects include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizziness
  • Wheezing

May interact with NSAIDs & anticoagulants

Fortunately, even if the symptoms show up after using this product, they should go away on their own within a few days. If that, however, doesn’t happen, you should immediately stop using it and contact the company, VitaBalance, for a refund.

Generally, the product works and is safe and there should be nothing major to worry about when using it.

Note: It should not be used by people under medication for chronic ailments, pregnant or lactating mothers.

Who Takes It?

FDA and GMP Certifications

Have you been struggling to be productive at your workplace due to a change of environment, tight deadlines or something? Have insomnia and restlessness gotten the better of you? Well, these are just a few of the situations that this product can get you out of.

And that’s not all. No matter the situation or occupation you’re in, if you believe that those butterflies in your tummy are affecting your productivity, this might just be the change you need.

The supplement works quite well, especially when combined with caffeine. As you might be aware, coffee (one of the most popular sources of caffeine) leads to anxiety.

Therefore, if you still want to continue enjoying a cup of your favorite beverage minus the jitters that come with it, this product would just be the perfect bet for you.

Pricing & Discounts

First off, the official Stress Support coupon code is “FIVE$41367101” and is meant to provide you with a 5 percent discount.

Otherwise, the normal pricing per bottle of 60 capsules is $29.95. The prices tend to reduce if you order more than 1 bottle, for instance, you’d get 2 bottles at $56.96. The deal gets even sweeter when you order 3 bottles at $82.96 because you also get 1 free bottle (limited time).

Multiple Bottles

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The best part is that you are only billed once for the order. The company hopes that you will like the product and make a decision to re-order on your own. Isn’t that so cool?

Is It A Scam?

Is Vitabalance Stress Support a scam? Well, NO. Provided you buy it from the official website there should be no cause for alarm. The site is SSL secured plus there is a money-back guarantee program in place to protect you in case you aren’t fully satisfied with the results.


  • Comprises high-quality FDA-approved ingredients
  • Backed by an iron-clad money-back guarantee
  • Available over-the-counter
  • Awesome customer support
  • Made in a cGMP lab
  • Third-party tested
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only helps with mild cases of anxiety and stress not chronic depression (visit a doc for this)

Closing Remarks

In concluding this Stress Support Review, we’d like to say that we’re quite confident in what this product has in store for anyone battling anxiety and its related symptoms. It’s a dietary supplement that can indeed go a long way in improving your quality of life. Verdict: Highly recommended!

Visit The Official Website To Learn More or shoot us a query and we’ll be glad to respond.

Editors Note: Article last updated 3/7/2021.

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