Best Underactive Thyroid Supplements

Best Underactive Thyroid Supplements: Our 5 Top Picks

Underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism is a condition that affects roughly 4.6% of the U.S. population ages 12 years and older. That’s about 5 people out of 100 (1).

It occurs when the thyroid gland is unable to produce enough hormones for the body to function at its best.

Thinning hair, fatigue, weight gain, muscle weakness, constipation, and increased sensitivity to cold are some of the hallmark symptoms of this condition.

Unfortunately, people with thyroid disease cannot manage their condition through diet alone. This is because the thyroid gland requires specific minerals and vitamins to function optimally such as:

  • Iodine
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Tyrosine
  • Vitamins B12 and D

So this is exactly where the best underactive thyroid supplements come in. Thyroid supplements are a combination of vitamins and minerals that help support and maintain healthy thyroid hormone levels.

However, not all supplements are created equally which is why we created this guide. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 5 best thyroid support supplements currently on the market.

But, Is Taking Hypothyroidism Supplements Really Helpful?

Eating a well-balanced diet is usually enough to provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy thyroid gland. However, in some cases, your diet may not provide adequate amounts of these vitamins and minerals (2,3). And this is where thyroid supplements step in.

The right supplements can actually make a world difference in the health and functioning of your thyroid. You see, the body needs certain nutrients for proper thyroid hormone production. So, a deficiency in any of these nutrients may lead to hypothyroidism.

However, it is imperative that you find out just what nutrients your body is deficient in before buying a supplement. For instance, if your body lacks iodine, you should find a supplement that helps restore these nutrients to their normal levels.

Top Supplements for Underactive Thyroid

Below are some of the best supplements that not only support thyroid function but also the creation of thyroid hormones. Check them out.

1. Vita Balance Thyroid Support With Iodine & Kelp

Vitabalance best underactive thyroid supplement Thyroid SupplementThis is a natural blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs designed to support healthy thyroid hormone production. According to the manufacturer, it is made using only the highest quality ingredients to provide you the maximum benefit.

What’s more? It is manufactured by one of the leading natural health company in the market. The Vita Balance brand boasts a wide range of dietary supplements that address health deficiencies as well as imbalances.

And when it comes to the quality of their products, all their supplements are made in FDA and GMP approved facilities. So, they seem to care about your health and don’t compromise on quality.

So, what is it made of? First off, it contains Vitamin B-12 as Cyanocobalamin (100mg) instead of Methylcobalamin which is quite common out there.

What you need to know is that Cyanocobalamin is a highly stable and easy-to-absorb form of Vitamin B12. In fact, several independent, peer-reviewed studies recommend that it’s much safer to take Cyanocobalamin than Methylcobalamin (4, 5, 6).

Besides containing this highly recommended form of B-12, this supplement also provides you with selenium, ashwagandha, zinc, L-Tyrosine, and kelp. And each ingredient is well dosed to ensure the potency of the formula.


Small, easy to swallow pills
Easily absorbed and utilized in the body
Contains clinically researched ingredients
Relatively affordable especially if you buy in bulk
3rd-Party tested
Proudly made in the USA and ships internationally


Encapsulated in gelatin capsules

2. Zhou Nutrition Energy, Metabolism, Focus Supplement

Hypothyroidism supplementMade in the USA, this is yet another great underactive thyroid formula that is expertly crafted. It is manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities following Good Manufacturing Practices. Therefore, you can be confident that this supplement is of high quality.

What’s more? The formula is packed with a unique blend of plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens. Some of its key ingredients include L-Tyrosine and vitamin B-12 which play a key role in the production of thyroid hormones.

On the flipside, though, this product contains B12 as Methylcobalamin (150mg) which has lower absorbability and stability compared to the Cyanocobalamin found in the VitaBalance product currently ranking #1 in this review.

Also included are herbs like ashwagandha and Schisandra which have been shown to support underactive thyroid. More so, the formula comprises kelp and Bladder ingredients thought to support naturally occurring levels of iodine.


Vegetarian-friendly capsules
Non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free
May help support focus and clarity
Made of premium and all-natural ingredients


Some people reported having experienced headaches and diarrhea
Contains B12 as Methylcobalamin which is unstable & low in bioavailability

3. 1 Body Dietary Supplement with Iodine

1 BodyThis supplement from 1 Body stands out with its unique packaging and over 10,000 Amazon reviews. But just how potent is it?

First off, it contains 100mg of Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin. That’s quite underdosed in our view especially considering the fact that Methylcobalamin isn’t highly bioavailable. Studies have shown that only a small fraction of this form of B12 is absorbed into the body (7).

We’d recommend that the manufacturer either switches to Cyanocobalamin or increases Methylcobalamin‘s dosage to 150mg or 200mg.

But perhaps to make up for that downside, the good guys behind this product provide Iodine in the form of amino acid chelate. Amino acid chelates are known for their good absorption rates in the digestive system.

Difference in bioavailability between these chelates and Kelp may be insignificant, though.

All its other ingredients are similar to what you’d find our #1 choice product.

And you know what the best part is? This supplement is not only 100% vegetarian-friendly but also non-GMO. On top of that, it is manufactured without gluten, soy, wheat, milk, fish, tree nuts, eggs, or artificial fillers.


Contains clinical doses of the active ingredients
Easy-to-swallow vegan capsules
Boosts metabolism for healthy weight loss
Competitively priced


Underdosed in iodine in our view
May lead to heart palpitations, headaches, and nausea on rare occasions

4. Purely Holistic Thyroid Support

Purely Holistic Thyroid Support Product best supplements for underactive thyroidThis is yet another relatively popular supplement. Not only is it affordable but also contains highly valuable ingredients.

We’re talking about Vitamin B12 in the form of Cyanocobalamin (100mg). We have already mentioned that this is the most effective supplement form of the vitamin one can buy.

Besides that, you’ll find L-Tyrosine, selenium, magnesium, zinc,cayenne, and iodine (in the form of Kelp). All these ingredients are appropriately dosed in our view.

So, what’s the catch?

We have trust issues with the company behind it. While they claim to adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), we could easily point a couple of issues with their formula and claims.

First off, they claim that this product is “100% pure – no fillers” but upon closer investigation, we realized that it does contain 3 fillers namely rice flour, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

Another thing, the manufacturer acknowledges that this product contains SOY. Soy, is one of the food ingredients you really want to avoid if you have an underactive thyroid.

So, we would be hesitant to recommend this product to our readers although it has close to 1000 good reviews on Amazon.


Combines good active ingredients
Proudly made in the USA using certified GMP practices
Affordably priced
Money-back guarantee provided


Capsules are not vegan friendly
Manufacturer makes controversial/questionable claims

5. NutraChamps 60 Veg Capsule Dietary Supplement

NutrachampsThis is yet another one of the wildly popular dietary supplements for healthy thyroid to make it to our list. At a glance, the product seems perfect.

It’s branding and packaging are quite well done. And at its price, we think that it provides quite a good value proposition to the shoppers.

However, the product is no stranger to controversy. For instance, they previously used to source some of their ingredients from ABH Pharma whose products were recalled by the FDA in early 2020 (8).

Although NutraChamps has since clarified that they no longer source their ingredients from the said pharmaceutical company, we’d be a little hesitant to order anything from them at the moment.

But in terms of the ingredients used, we think that this product has almost all the right boxes ticked. Our only tiny issue is that it contains Methylcobalamin (150mg) which isn’t quite as easy for the body to absorb compared to Cyanocobalamin in similar quantities (9).

Always go for highly bioavailable ingredients if you want to get more bang for your bucks.


Clean formula with no gluten, soy, and non-GMO
Made in the US of A
Vegetarian-friendly capsules that are easy to swallow
Great packaging


Has received mixed reviews in terms of whether it works or not
Some of the ingredients used by this manufacturer in the past were flagged by FDA


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Foods to Avoid if you’ve got an Underactive Thyroid

Generally, what you eat can affect your thyroid gland and your body’s ability to use the thyroid hormone. While there is no such thing as a “hypothyroidism diet”, eating the right foods can help you feel better. So, below are some of the foods to limit or avoid while trying to manage your underactive thyroid with thyroid supplements.

  • Soy
  • Cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli
  • Gluten found in rice, pasta, and bread
  • Gluten found in rice, pasta, and bread
  • Certain legumes and beans
  • Sugary
  • Fatty foods like meat, butter, and everything fried
  • Alcohol
  • Iodine-rich foods

What Every Supplement for Underactive Thyroid Should Contain

It takes around 10 different nutrients to create and convert thyroid hormone to its active form. This means that a deficiency in any of these nutrients may lead to an underactive thyroid. So, here is a list of the most beneficial nutrients that every thyroid supplement should have.

  • Vitamin B-12
  • Iodine
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Ashwagandha
  • Copper

The above nutrients, if used in the right doses, can help boost thyroid function as well as reduce your symptoms. For instance, the recommended dosage of zinc needed to improve thyroid function varies from 5mg up to 50mg per day. As for iodine, you should stick to doses of 75mcg to 200mcg per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s now quickly take a look at some of the common questions people ask about the best supplements for hypothyroidism.

Q: Do hypothyroidism supplements really work?

A: For most people, they do. They help support healthy thyroid hormone production while also masking thyroid symptoms. However, what works for one person may not work for another individual.

Q: Do I need a prescription to use thyroid supplements?

A: Not really. Like with most dietary supplements, they are available for purchase without any prescription.

Q: What’s the recommended dosage for hypothyroidism supplements?

A: There is no current standard dosage as each patient and thyroid case is a bit different. However, most manufacturers recommend taking two capsules daily preferably with meals. You should also talk to your doctor or a healthcare professional about what’s the right dosage.

Q: Are natural thyroid supplements safe?

A: Yes, they are. However, in rare cases, some supplements may lead to unwanted side effects like headaches, skin irritations, nausea, increased heart rate, and dizziness.

Final Thoughts

The thyroid gland is a very important organ that most people tend to take for granted. What they don’t know is that a well-nourished thyroid can support healthy energy levels, focus, clarity, metabolism- the list goes on.

The good news? Taking some of the best underactive thyroid supplements can go a long way in supporting healthy thyroid hormone production.

To this end, our top choice remains VitaBalance Thyroid Support With Iodine & Kelp. It’s got high-quality ingredients and from our experience, it’s the one that provides the best value for money when you’re looking for good results.

Vitabalance Thyroid SupportGet Best Price Here >>

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