Human beings are always at the heart of every connection that we make. Indeed, our goal is to create content that make the world a better place.

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If you would like to join a team that believes in putting humanity first, here’s the deal – we have career opportunities worth taking a look at.

Why Us?

At we are defined by the culture of rewarding impact. We encourage our members of staff to approach all tasks with boldness, always putting humanity first. Our employees work in small groups that function together harmoniously and efficiently. Together, we help make the world a better place by informing and educating our audience – one click at a time.

Health & Wellness Comes First

What does it mean to live a healthy and fulfilling life? A common thread woven through the fabric of is that we are a team that’s always focused on healthy living.

To us, healthy living is more than just eating good food and exercising! It’s about having the right state of mind. It’s also about developing and maintaining the right connections with the right people.

If you share in this same belief, you’re welcome to be a part of us.


We regularly have vacancies for the following skills and skill-sets:

General Health Researchers: These are positions meant for people with vast training and experience in Public Health, Alternative Medicine and so forth. To apply, you need at least a Bsc in a related field and from a US, UK, Australian, NZ, or Canadian institution of learning.

Prolific Authors: These are the gurus who transform complex research into simple, easy-to-read content. To apply, you need at least a B.A (Bachelor of Arts) in Communication or Literature. Experience working in research-related firms or science-oriented organizations is an added advantage.

How to Apply

To apply, mail us your CV along with a short summary about yourself. Your email to us should have the subject “Interested in Working with”.

The mail should be sent to: contact [at] fitsmartyou [dot] com.


Fitsmartyou is proudly an Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action organization. We never discriminate based on one’s color, race, religion, sex, gender identify, sexual orientation, age, disability or nation of origin. We, however, may do further vetting of applicants with criminal histories in line with the relevant federal, state, and local laws.