Best Hair Growth Supplements in 2020

The 15 Best Hair Growth Supplements (Vitamins) that Work

So, you have been noticing that your hair is thinning, breaking and falling? While factors such as hormones, genetics, stress, and age affect hair growth, nutritional deficiencies are also linked to hair loss.

Just like other parts of your body, your hair needs different types of nutrients to grow and stay healthy.

Unfortunately, in most cases, it’s hard to get all the necessary nutrients our bodies require through food alone.

And this is where hair growth supplements step in. The right supplements can help in nourishing your hair cells from the inside out thereby resulting in healthy and thicker hair.

Also, hair growth supplements can naturally help minimize or even reverse hair loss (study). This is because they are designed to include the specific nutrients your body needs for optimal hair growth.

This leads us to the questions, which are the best hair growth supplements that work? Well, it all depends on your needs. However, the following 15 supplements are some of the best on the markets currently.

1. Folexin

Folexin Review

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Made in the US, Folexin is a dietary supplement that helps to support the natural hair growth process. It claims to contain only natural ingredients that are considered to be safe to consume.

Some of its key ingredients include Biotin, Fo-Ti, saw palmetto, folic acid, and plenty of vitamins. All these ingredients are believed to help stimulate hair growth by strengthening hair follicles.

For instance, Biotin also referred to as Vitamin B7 has been shown to support healthy hair, nails, and skin. Saw Palmetto, on the other hand, is believed to help reverse DHT, one of the leading causes of hair loss in men.

But here is the best part; Folexin is manufactured in an FDA registered facility under very strict GMP guidelines.

What’s more, it is relatively cheap especially if you buy in bulk.


-Contains only natural ingredients so no major side-effects
-Ships worldwide to at least 23 countries
-Stimulates hair growth to help prevent hair loss
-Competitively priced
-Makes hair look radiant, strong, thick, and beautiful


-Like any other supplement, its results may vary
-Not available in physical stores, can only be bought online

2. Viviscal

Viviscal best hair growth supplement

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The Viviscal dietary supplements for women and men are designed to nourish thinning hair and promote hair growth from within. In fact, its ability to support thicker and fuller hair is backed by seven clinical studies.

Unlike other supplements in this review, Viviscal Hair Growth includes various products for all genders. For example, under the women’s category, there is the Viviscal Advanced Hair Health supplements, shampoo, conditioner, and Elixir.

And for men, we have the Viviscal dietary supplements and Full Force Fortifying shampoo.

But what we really like about Viviscal products is that they are all 100% drug-free. On top of that, they are scientifically proven to reduce hair shedding and improve thickness in three to six months.

What’s more? The supplements are formulated with AminoMar, an ingredient that helps nourish thinning hair while also stimulating healthy hair growth. Other key ingredients include Biotin, iron, and vitamin C.


-Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee guarantee
-Free shipping if you join Viviscal Elite
-Clinically and scientifically proven to support fuller and thicker hair
-Works by replenishing essential nutrients in thinning hair
-It is 100% drug-free


-It might take you three to six months to see results
-Specific results are not guaranteed
-A little pricey compared to other supplements like Folexin

3. Nutrafol

NutrafolHere is yet another great hair supplement that contains a special blend of ingredients including botanicals like ashwagandha and biocurcumin. It also contains various vitamins such as keratin and biotin as well as antioxidants.

But here is the best part; its ingredients are clinically proven to enhance hair growth by addressing various root causes. It does this by targeting multiple pressure points at once which helps in preventing hair from thinning.

What’s more? The supplement is third-party tested for heavy metals, purity, pesticides and other chemicals for optimal safety.

More importantly, the product is available in three different versions to choose from including for women, men, and women’s balance. The women’s balance version is designed for use before, during, and after menopause.


-May cause improved skin, sleep, nails, and stress response
-100% drug-free and physician-formulated
-Manufactured in an FDA and GMP certified facility
-Includes DHT-targeting ingredients
-Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and no artificial flavors or preservatives


-Not ideal for patients whose hair loss is due to an illness
-Quite pricey
-May cause mild cramping and stomach pains

4. Profollica


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Similar to other hair growth supplements, Profollica claims to address male pattern baldness from the inside out. It works by reducing your DHT levels and awakening the dormant hair follicles.

This ensures you achieve healthier, thicker and shinier hair.

Basically, Profollica is scientifically formulated to provide the body with a series of potent herbal extracts, enzymes, amino acids, and proteins. Some of its ingredients include Niacin, Biotin, Vitamin B-12, Folic acid, and zinc oxide.

Besides this daily supplement being available in capsules form, there is also a Profollica Activator gel. The gel which contains Trichogen as its active ingredient is clinically proven to block the production of DHT.

This helps in slowing down hair loss in men while also improving hair regrowth.


-Made with premium quality ingredients
-Can make hair grow faster and prevent premature greying
-Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee
-All ingredients are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis
-Easy to apply gel that offers deep conditioning on hair and scalp
-Manufactured in a GMP compliant facility


-Some of its ingredients are in proprietary blends
-Only works for men

5. HairANew

Best hair growth supplements that work

Enriched with 11 nutrients, HairAnew by Naturenetics is formulated to address vitamin deficiencies that may lead to hair loss.

This supplement contains biotin plus essential vitamins, herbs, minerals, and amino acids that support the growth of healthy and thick hair.

So, what really sets this formula apart from the competition? Well, it’s probably the fact that its ingredients are tested for safety and purity by six independent labs. On top of that, it’s sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan-friendly.

Besides, each batch of HairAnew formula is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility under the strict guidelines of GMP. Therefore, you can trust that what you’re getting is clean and pure.

What’s more? The formula is suitable for all hair types including wavy, straight, and curly as well as any color. It also works for both men and women of all ages.


-Supports healthy hair, strong nails, and nourished skin
-Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee
-Available in small and easy-to-swallow capsules
-Does not contain any animal products or collagen
-Scientifically formulated with hair boosting nutrients


-May cause nausea and headaches if taken on an empty stomach
-Results aren’t typical

6. Rogaine

Rogaine hair loss supplement

While most supplements for hair growth are available in pills form, this is not the case with Rogaine formula. The formula for both men and women comes in foam and solution form. So, if you don’t like swallowing pills, you might want to consider using Rogaine.

And you know what the best part is about this formula? Well, Rogaine is a dermatologist recommended supplement and is also clinically proven to regrow thicker and fuller hair. On top of that, the formula is FDA-approved to treat hair loss in both men and women.

But how does it work, you may be wondering? Rogaine contains Minoxidil as its active ingredient which revives hair follicles to regrow healthy and thicker hair. Also, this hair treatment uses a patented Tricho-Prime technology, which is a combination of potent ingredients to stimulate hair regrowth.


-Directly targets the hair follicles for optimal hair growth
-May regrow up to 25% more hair in just three months
-Made from botanical extracts to help maintain a healthy scalp
-Backed by 120-days money-back guarantee
-Available in scented and unscented versions


-You may lose newly regrown hair if you stop using Rogaine
-The foam contains alcohol so some people may experience itchy and dry scalp

7. Procerin

Procerin hair growth pills

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Developed specifically to address male pattern baldness, Procerin is an all-natural and clinically proven hair solution. Not only does it claim to help slow down the hair loss process but also to regrow your hair.

Ideally, this formulation is designed to fight hair loss using a unique four-prong approach. This includes blocking DHT, revitalizing hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth, and maintaining a healthy scalp.

According to the manufacturer, Procerin contains natural ingredients that work in synergy to promote healthy hair growth. These include a proprietary blend of vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals as well as the popular saw palmetto.

More importantly, this product is available in tablets and foam forms. For best and faster results, you should use the two together.


-Uses highest-quality and safest ingredients
-Safe for long-term use
-Great customer support
-Comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee
-Ships internationally to most countries
-Free of most side effects


-Some men report mild stomach discomfort during the first days of use
-The topical foam may cause skin irritation for men with sensitive skin

8. Hair La Vie

Hair La Vie

Hair La Vie is a combination of many natural products that promise to help you achieve thicker and fuller-looking hair. These include Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins, Renewing Growth Hair Treatment, Leave-in, Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum, and Revitalizing blend hair vitamins.

All the products are made from carefully sourced ingredients that are backed by many years of clinical research to promote hair growth. Also, Hair La Vie formulas are scientifically shown to help regrow healthy hair.

As if that’s not enough, the products is free from damaging SLS, artificial dyes, parabens and harsh chemicals.

Therefore, it would be fair to say that they are safe for use on any type of hair.

What’s more, if you don’t notice any visible improvement on your hair within 90 days, you’ll be refunded your money.

Yeah, you got that right! So, you will be risking nothing if you decide to give this formula a try.


-Promotes healthy hair growth from the inside out
-Provides your hair with a powerful boost of antioxidants, proteins, and amino acids
-Outstanding customer care support
-Protects your hair against hair loss
-Fast shipping


-Products are only for women
-Most ingredients are in proprietary blends
-Quite pricey

9. Zhou Nutrition Hairfluence

Premium Hair Growth Formula

Want healthier, fast-growing, and fuller hair? Hairfluence is advertised as a premium hair growth dietary supplement for both men and women. Therefore, it’s probably worth considering.

The formula is a scientifically formulated blend of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins designed to promote healthy hair from within. Some of its key ingredients include bamboo extract, biotin, keratin, 10 essential vitamins, and collagen.

Basically, this supplement works by repairing and protecting damaged hair, nourishing vital tissues, and promoting the growth of new hair follicles. As a result, you get stronger, fuller, and voluminous hair.

Best of all, Hairfluence is manufactured in an FDA registered facility following the strict GMP standards. As if that’s not enough, all the ingredients are tested for purity and quality at their lab in Utah.


-Ideal for all hair types and textures
-Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails
-Relatively cheap
-Made with non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients


-Some women may experience acne breakout
-Contains a high dose of biotin which can be dangerous

10. Hair Revital X

Best hair loss vitamins

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Hair Revital X is an advanced hair regrowth supplement by Zenith Labs. The formula is packed with hair-restoring blends that are backed by scientific and clinical research to help stimulate the hair growth cycle.

However, it contains Saw Palmetto extract as an active ingredient. This ingredient has been shown in various studies to support balanced DHT levels, the hormone responsible for hair loss.

Available in two types of formulas, you can purchase Hair Revital X as an either oral or topical supplement. While both formulas do the same thing, the topical supplement works by directly targeting the affected areas.

What’s more? The manufacturer claims that this product is manufactured under very strict standards for optimal safety. Also, every batch of Hair Revital X is tested at a cGMP compliant facility.


-Made from 100% natural and pure ingredients
-Doctor-formulated for use by both men and women
-Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee for six months
-Strengthens the hair follicles for better regrowth of healthy hair
-Offers faster results while using the topical and oral formulas together


-Delayed results if you don’t use it consistently
-Can only be purchased online

11. Sports Research Biotin

1000mcg Biotin for Hair Thinning

Containing 5000mcg of Biotin per serving, Sports Research Biotin may help support healthy hair, nails, and skin. This makes the supplement perfect for people who are biotin deficient.

Besides, it’s formulated with organic virgin coconut oil that promotes a healthy scalp while also moisturizing dry hair. Besides, coconut oil has been shown to prevent hair breakage thereby keeping your hair strong and healthy especially when consumed internally.

But here is the best part; this formula is manufactured and packaged in the USA at a cGMP certified facility. More importantly, the veggie softgels are non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Additionally, SR Biotin comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can request a refund if you’re not completely satisfied with the product’s results.


-Supports the production of keratin
-Made using good ingredients
-Third-party tested and certified for safety and purity
-Easy to swallow softgels


-Contains very few ingredients that are proven to support hair growth
-May cause acne breakout

12. Provillus

Provillus Formula

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This is yet another natural hair growth supplement by Ultra Herbal created for both men and women. Besides blocking the DHT hormone, Provillus works by providing the hair follicles with the essential nutrients for preventing hair loss.

For instance, the Provillus pills for women are packed with ingredients like Biotin, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium. The men’s formula, on the other hand, contains more ingredients including Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Zinc, Uva-Ursi, Magnesium, and Eleuthero Root.

Like a good number of supplements in this review, Provillus is available in two versions. These include a topical lotion formula and a capsulated form. Both of these forms are said to support fast hair regrowth using 100% natural ingredients.


-Clinically proven to help regrow healthy hair
-Topical solution contains Minoxidil, an FDA-approved ingredient
-Has very minimal side-effects
-Works for both men and women with all hair types
-Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee


-Takes at least three months to notice any results
-Not safe for pregnant or nursing women

13. Sugar Bear Hair

Hair Vitamins in Gummies

If you find it hard swallowing hair growth pills, then you might want to consider these Sugar Bear Hair chewable gummies. These gummies offer you the most complete blend of natural ingredients that are clinically proven to support hair growth.

Generally, Sugar Bear Hair gummies are packed with all the essential hair loss vitamins including Biotin, Vitamin E, A, and B-6. And for a deliciously sweet flavor, the gummies contain real berries plus coconut oil.

According to the manufacturer, they strive for optimal safety and quality. As such, the hair gummies are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the USA. So, you can rest assured that the gummies are of the highest quality.

Best of all, the gummies are gelatin-free and don’t contain soy, wheat, peanut, dairy products or meat products.

Also, they are manufactured in an allergen-free facility. And as if that’s not enough, Sugar Bear Hair gummies are also independently lab tested for quality and purity.


-Available for both men and women
-Ships to all countries
-Supports nails and skin health
-Extremely tasty and delicious
-Vegan-friendly and gluten-free


-Quite pricey
-Some people experienced skin breakout

14. Hairfinity Hair Vitamins

Healthy Hair Vitamins from Brockbeauty

Formulated with a uniquely potent blend of bioactive nutrients and vitamins, Hairfinity vitamins promote healthy hair growth from the inside out. They contain only natural ingredients that are safe for daily use.

The vitamins feature the exclusive Capilsana complex which provides the hair with its naturally-occurring building blocks. This ensures complete hair transformation by encouraging healthier, longer, and stronger hair.

Also, Hairfinity is packed with amino acids, minerals and Biotin that help create the best environment for healthy hair to thrive. And the best part is that the formula is made in an FDA registered facility. On top of that, it is lab certified to be of the highest quality.


-Protects hair against dryness and increases its elasticity
-Vegan-friendly capsules
-Addresses the hair’s specific needs
-Made in a GMP compliant facility
-Revitalizes hair from within for best results


May give you major breakouts and stomach upset

15. Follixin


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Follixin is a doctor-recommended natural hair growth solution designed to prevent hair loss and also stimulate new hair growth.

It uses a two-stage approach to help restore your hair including strengthening existing hair follicles and rejuvenating any clogged pores.

But you know what the best part is about this product? Well, it has been thoroughly tested in various clinical trials plus double-blind studies to help prevent hair loss. Also, there are scientific studies to prove that Follixin is safe and effective at restoring your natural hair.

As far as the ingredients are concerned, it contains a complex of various essential vitamins, natural herbal extracts, minerals, and amino acids. Some of its key ingredients include collagen, Horsetail extract, L-Cysteine, Biotin, and Folic Acid.

However, Follixin is designed for use by men only between the ages of 18 and 80 years. Therefore, women looking for hair growth supplements might want to consider other options that we’ve recommended in this guide.


-Claims to regrow hair regardless of the cause of the hair loss
-Laboratory tested to be safe
-Backed by various clinical trials and scientific studies
-Protects hair follicles from further damage
-Prevents hair loss without causing any collateral effects


-Only available for men
-Lacks some potent ingredients that inhibit the production of DHT

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure which supplement is ideal for you? Here’s an FAQ section to help you understand your options better. Tap on the question to view the answer.

Q: Which vitamin deficiencies cause hair loss?

A: Vitamin D has been shown to stimulate hair follicles to grow. Therefore, a deficiency in this vitamin may lead to hair loss or hair thinning. Others include Vitamin C, A, E, Biotin, and Vitamin B3 (Niacin).

Q: Will my hair grow back after vitamin D deficiency?

A: Yes it may. However, there is not enough scientific research on exactly how long it may take to regrow the hair. Also, it is not known if you can experience a significant amount of hair regrowth after taking Vitamin D supplements. Nevertheless, anecdotal evidence suggests that hair may stop shedding and regrow in at least two months.

Q: Can hair grow back after thinning?

A: Yes it can if you use the right hair growth supplements like the ones suggested in this article. But you must use the supplements consistently for optimal results.

Q: Which vitamin is good for fast hair growth?

A: One of the best-known vitamins that can help with fast hair growth is Biotin, a B-vitamin. Various studies link this Biotin deficiency with hair loss in humans. However, it needs to be combined with other vitamins like Vitamin C and nutrients for better results.

Best Hair Supplements That Work – Conclusion

Whether your hair is thinning or you just want to achieve longer and thicker hair, only the best supplements can help you. We hope that the list provided above will inspire you to find a product that works best for your situation.

If we were to pick the winner out of these 15 supplements, we’d go for Folexin. We like the fact that it brings together a good combination of clean ingredients. In our view, this is a no-nonsense hair-growth product that’s also quite affordably priced.

What’s your favorite one? Let us know in the comment box if you know of a product that works better than Folexin. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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James is a skilled scientific researcher & fitness enthusiast with 10 years of extensive research in the use of nootropics, herbs & earth-grown products. He holds a Bsc in Public Health. Medically Reviewed by Dr. Dawn Clifford, MS, RD

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