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Is Instant Melatonin Spray By Onnit Any Good? Unbiased Review

Tired of always feeling grumpy and fatigued during the day? Well, it could be you’re not getting restful sleep. Everyone struggles to maintain healthy sleeping patterns at some point in their lives.

Unfortunately, lack of quality sleep can lead to a wide range of negative health effects including poor skin and mood imbalances. In worse off cases, insomnia can increase your risk of high blood pressure, depression, and heart-related ailments.

And this is where supplements like Instant Melatonin Spray from Onnit Labs come into play. Well, at least that’s what we’ve been made to believe from the different reviews posted about it so far.

This product is touted as a potentially powerful supplement for anyone struggling to get their fair share of sleep. As you know, good sleep equals better health.

So, hmmm, this sounds like something we’d like to unpack for our readers. If you’d like to know whether it’s worth investing in or not, the following paragraphs have the crucial details well captured for you.

Quick Facts

Product: Instant Melatonin Spray
Manufacturer: Onnit Labs
Country: United States

Instant Melatonin Spray Review – An Overview

Like we had already mentioned, this is a supplement designed to help you get a restful sleep. It does this by boosting your melatonin levels. And as you might already know, melatonin is a vital sleep hormone.

Naturally, melatonin production tends to reduce when you’re stressed or when exposed to blue light for long hours.

And so, by ensuring that you have adequate quantities of this hormone in your system, this sprayable product builds your natural desire to rest and sleep. Well, at least in theory.

What’s more? The product is available in two different flavors including lavender and mint. So, it’s up to you to decide which breath-freshening flavor you might like.

lavendar and fresh mint flavors of Instant Melatonin

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Who Manufactures It?

The company behind this product is none other than the good old Onnit Labs. They’re based in Austin Texas and have been in operation since 2010.

Over the years, they have released many different supplements. Their Alpha Brain cognitive enhancer (see review) is probably the best known one of them.

They also have a gym. Yup, you read that right – a physical gym.

Generally, the Onnit brand is seems to target anyone who likes to lead an active lifestyle. That said, they’re also quite popular in the Silicon Valley especially among the tech gurus and startup managers.

Whew! That was a mouthful. Sorry if it sounded like an infomercial. That’s pretty much all we know about this brand so far based on our past interaction with their products, past clients, social media platforms etc.

How Instant Melatonin Works

Part of the reason most people find it hard to fall asleep is due to being exposed to blue light wavelengths. As it turns out, the body is designed to generate more melatonin in darkness.

Therefore, when you’re exposed to blue light, your body will stay alert because of reduced levels of melatonin.

Apparently, high-frequency blue light has been clinically shown to interfere with the production of melatonin. And when this happens, you are bound to have trouble falling asleep. That’s why it is advisable not to watch an electronic screen like the one in your PC or smartphone before bedtime.

However, using Instant Melatonin Spray may help the body to notify you when you’re ready to sleep. The spray works by increasing this vital sleep hormone making your body go to a hibernate mode. And eventually, you’l feel sleepy enough to hit the bed.


As far as its ingredients are concerned, this supplement only has one active ingredient which is of course melatonin. It contains only 3mg of melatonin per serving.

Instant Melatonin Ingredients

Other Ingredients

Since this dietary supplement is available in two flavors, each contains extra ingredients besides the 3mg of melatonin. For instance, the Lavender flavor includes ingredients like stevia leaf extract, ethyl alcohol, water, natural citrus extract, lavender oil, and glycerin.

For the fresh mint flavor, its other ingredients are natural citrus extract, water, ethyl alcohol, glycerin, and natural flavors.

How to use it

Adults are advised to take just six sprays at least an hour before going to sleep. However, medical professionals warn against taking more than 5mg of melatonin a night as it could lead to serious side effects.

Additionally, if you’re pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, you need to consult a doctor before using this spray.

How safe is Instant Melatonin Spray?

From what we could gather, this dietary supplement has no side-effects even if you choose to take it long term. What’s more, all its ingredients have been certified by the Banned Substances Control Group to be free of drugs.

Also, it is NSF-certified (this is an accredited and independent non-governmental organization) as safe even for professional athletes.

However, consuming more than 5mg of melatonin could bring about a few negative side effects including:

-Headaches and dizziness

-Short-term depression


-Stomach cramps

-Daytime sleepiness

Where to Buy and Price

You can buy this supplement through the manufacturer’s official website. It is also sold by various online vendors including Amazon.

A one fluid ounce (29ml) bottle goes for $12.95, for a one-time purchase. But if you “subscribe” to the supplement, you get to pay $11.01 only. The price for both the lavender and fresh mint is the same.

The product is also available for purchase as a twin pack. However, the price is the same as buying an individual flavor.

You may click here to get the best prices


-Easy to use and administer thanks to its spray format
-Made with 100% natural ingredients making it safe for daily use
-Mint flavor tastes very nice and does not have any bad after taste
-Convenient for people who don’t like taking tablets or pills
-Pretty effective at making you fall asleep even with half the recommended dosage
-Ideal for long-term use as its active ingredient is well tolerated by the body


-Results are not typical
-Could have included more ingredients besides melatonin

Frequently Asked Questions

Instant Melatonin Spray how it works

Do you have any questions about this dietary supplement? Well, here is a quick look at some of the common questions we’ve come across.

How much of Instant Melatonin Spray should I take?

Six sprays is the recommended serving size. However, it is advisable to experiment with different serving sizes to determine what the right amount is for you.

Does this supplement work right away?

As we have already said, results vary. Nevertheless, it does not work right away which is why you should take it at least one hour before bed.

Does Instant Melatonin Spray make you drowsy the next day?

No, it doesn’t. However, it might cause dizziness if you exceed the recommended dosage.

Conclusion on this Sleep Melatonin Spray Review

Overall, this looks like a sleeping aid we’d recommend to anyone who wants to rest without risking any weird side effects. There are tons of scientific theory and studies to back it.

We’re also encouraged by the fact that the Instant Melatonin Spray seems to be attracting lots of positive feedback from those who have used it.

And given the fact that Onnit provides a “keep it money-back guarantee” we feel that this is something we’d confidently recommend to our readers. You may click here to read more reviews on the official website or order.

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