Noopept Review

Noopept Review – Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects In Detail

Our Noopept review is meant to provide you with quick insights on a brain supplement that has been hailed as a gamechanger in the world of nootropics.

This old, Russian study appearing on PubMed rated it as 1,000 times stronger than Piracetam.

The beauty about using Noopept as a supplement is that it promotes wakefulness and boosts focus. At the same time, it’s stim-free, unlike caffeine.

Noopept closely rivals Adderall. And the good news is that the former has very few side effects, unlike the latter which has been linked to life-threatening situations when overdosed on.

But even with that said, Noopept has its fair share of downsides. For instance, it can lead to insomnia if taken a few hours to bedtime.

Likewise, if you have a sensitive stomach, taking too much of it might cause some irritation to your GI.

Please note the words “too much” as we’ll be talking about the ideal dosage a little later.

Quick Facts

-Effects kick in within 25 minutes if taken sublingually

-Results last for between 12 and 24 hours

-May cause insomnia if taken close to bed time

-Stacks well with choline and racetam compounds

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Noopept Review: What It Really Is

This is an interesting type of nootropic. It’s neither a stimulant nor a true racetam! Yet it is made in the lab and was originally created in Russia.

What we know so far is that Noopept only mimics some of the effects commonly associated with stimulants. Fortunately, it only helps you get the good stuff and leaves out any negative effects commonly linked to stims like Modafinil.

Why It Isn’t a Stimulant

A case in point is that stimulants increase the production of dopamine in the brain. If this happens for a long time, the brain may lose its ability to produce its own dopamine.

Once this happens, you’ll constantly have to deal with the desire to take even more stimulants in order to sustain your demand for dopamine. And that’s what leads to addiction.

On the contrary, Noopept only stimulates your dopamine receptors thereby making sure that your brain cells are able to put the dopamine you naturally produce to optimal use.

This effectively avoids the common problem with stimulants i.e. producing an abnormally high supply of dopamine thereby making the brain lose its natural ability to produce it.

Is Noopept a Racetam?

Noopept chemical structure
The chemical structure of Noopept. Image Courtesy: Anabolic Minds

Although it’s technically considered a racetam, the jury is still out on whether it’s a true one or not. Why is this the case? You might be wondering.

First, Noopept is commonly considered a racetam because, just like racetam compounds, it is made in the lab. Also, its chemical formula is closely related to the one for Piracetam.

However, it does not contain the one thing that makes racetams what they are i.e. a 2-oxo-pyrrolidine core.

That said, it behaves as a racetam…err, a much stronger one. It also has anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and neuroprotective effects.

Yet another key difference setting it miles apart from average racetams is that only small doses of it are needed. For instance, the recommended dosage for Noopept is 10mg to 30mg while that of Piracetam is 3,000mg.

The good thing with such an extremely tiny dosage is that it comes with a diminished risk of side effects. So, it’s safer to take provided you’re healthy and fit.

The Effects of this Cognitive-Enhancer

This powerful supplement is special in the sense that its effects kick in relatively fast. Once you take a pill, its molecules move rapidly to your brain (typically within 25 minutes of oral ingestion).

These molecules are eventually converted into something that resembles cyclopropyl glycine. This is the key reason why Noopept’s nootropic effects kick in so fast.

That said, we highly recommend against using too much of this brain health product. Although the 30mg is often recommended, it might be too much for you if this is your first time taking it.

Also, for the best results, you might want to stack it with cholines. Of course, Alpha GPC and Citicoline would be awesome stacking choices.

But beyond that, you might want to eat lots of eggs, liver, and fish to provide your body with even more choline.

And also, the old rule still applies in 2020 – eat healthy food, get enough sleep, and exercise.

That said, you may order your Noopept pills by visiting this noteworthy vendor (Pure Nootropics).

What Is Noopept Used For?

Being one of the brain health supplements that boast the ability to cross the blood-brain-barrier, Noopept can be relied upon for fast and long-term benefits.

*As a Study Aid

The supplement has the ability to improve your ability to focus. This makes it highly popular among academicians and individuals who have to crack the codes to complex things in life.

Besides that, this highly sought-after pill is believed to boost memory.

A past study showed that unlike Piracetam which only helps in the early stages of memory building, Noopept has the potential to influence memory power even during the retrieval stages.

An enhanced memory can help you have an easier time at the exam room especially if all you’re dealing with are complex formulas that need a bit of memorization.

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*Enhanced Verbal Fluency

Verbal fluency is quite important in life. So, whether you’re learning a new language, sign language, or practicing on a new programming language, it’s important to get a nootropic compound that enables your brain to flex in new ways.

Indeed, your language skills might increase with Noopept consumption. It does this by improving the condition of your auditory cortex which is the part of your brain involved in language processing.

Besides that, the effects on Noopept can positively influence the Broca’s area of your brain. This is the specific part of your brain that affects speech.

As a bonus, the intake of this supplement can improve your ability to differentiate colors.

*Better Mood

We’ve already mentioned the fact that this mental health supplement has the potential to improve your dopamine receptors.

By doing this, it sharpens your edge enabling your brain to make the most of the dopamine that’s available within its reach.

As you know, dopamine is a key neurotransmitter in mood regulation. In fact, the words “Feeling dope” come from the fact that dopamine leads to a feel-good effect.

And, therefore, if you’re having mood issues, Noopept is potentially a good way to feel better. Of course, without having to risk addiction.

*Reducing Anxiety

As an anxiolytic, Noopept can be relied upon to reduce anxiety. People often report feeling calm after taking the recommended dosage of this supplement.

That’s probably because the noot has the ability to improve the brain’s chemical balance. When your neurotransmitters are well-balanced, you are less likely to be anxious.

Also, Noopept boasts the ability to provide you with the mental energy needed to plow difficult social situations.

And by that, it can be counted on to help in the management of social anxiety symptoms.

The list of potential uses of this nootropic supplement goes on and on. And so far, one thing is clear – it is, indeed, an all-rounder!

How Much Of It Should You Take?

The least Noopept you should take per day is 10mg. That’s usually enough dosage for beginners or folks who are stacking it up with other powerful nootropics.

However, if you want to push your brain to its limits, you might want to give the 30mg dosage per day a shot. That’s just safe enough to make sure everything is running as expected.

There are some people who take as much as 40mg but we advise against that. Such quantities might be too much for your body to handle in the long-term in our view.

You may read more noopept reviews and insights here.

The Best Way to Take It

Just like its distant cousins from the racetam family, Noopept is water-soluble. So, you can either take it in capsule or powder form.

We don’t like its powder’s taste, though. But it isn’t too bad if you take it with lots of water or juice.

Another way on how to take Noopept is by mixing it with some MCT oil or any other healthy fats. Such fats are important for ensuring the supplement is quickly absorbed into the body.

How to Stack Noopept

Stacking nootropics at home.

We scoured through Reddit for some ideas on how to stack it and combined it with a bit of scientific theory. Here are some ways to get the most of this brain pill without breaking the bank.

Memory Boosting Stack

A powerful memory-enhancing stack would be one that brings together Noopept, Alpha GPC, and Piracetam. Piracetam only boosts the effects of Noopept while cholines aid racetams to work even better.

Also, Alpha GPC stimulates the production of acetylcholine which is important for healthy brain function.

Verbal Fluency Stack

For this blend, we’d recommend going for Citicoline, Huperzine A, and of course, Noopept. Huperzine complements Noopept’s anxiolytic effects plus it creates an enabling environment for Citicoline.

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Citicoline can be replaced with Alpha GPC. Both serve the same role of providing your brain with the energy boost it needs to ace complex activities – and verbal fluency is one of those.

Mood-Enhancing Stack

On its own, this relatively popular brain supplement is a mood enhancer. That said, you can add to those effects by stacking it with other mood-elevating powders.

So, for this stack, we’d recommend going for Aniracetam, Citicoline, and a bit of Sulbutiamine.

Aniracetam is a serotonin booster.

Citicoline replenishes your brain energy reserves while Sulbutiamine is the ultimate mood-enhancer!

Any Side Effects to Worry About?

Short-term use of Noopept is generally safe. However, a few people report experiencing adverse reactions and side effects.

This scientific study confirms that although a 20mg dose of this supplement used over a period of 2 months improved cognition, it might also lead side effects among them:

-Stomach issues

So far, there’s no record of any life-threatening negative effects associated with this supplement. That’s, however, not to say that it’s completely safe.

More long-term studies need to be done to enable us to understand best what negative effects might occur if you use this brain pill for 10 or 20 years.

But for now, all seems to be well. And given the fact that this supplement has been around since 1996, we’re sure some major red flags would have already been raised against it by now.

How Long Do Noopept Effects Last?

One of the reasons why this brain pill is so popular is that it’s quite fast off the blocks.

While other nootropic compounds such as Mind Lab Pro take a day or three for optimal effects to kick in, Noopept effects can be felt with minutes.

Noopept sublingual consumption is the one that’s associated with the fastest effects – typically 15 to 30 minutes of consumption.

That’s because when taken in powder form and with lots of water, the supplement gets absorbed in the stomach effectively bypassing the GI digestion process.

The effects last for between 12 and 24 hours.

Best Noopept Brand

We don’t like playing favorites as far as nootropics are concerned.

That said, we have been using the brand of Noopept from Pure Nootropics and that’s purely because their customer support is quite good.

Plus, they also provide COAs that confirm that their products are third-party tested.

There might be better brands out there! Here’s a list of 7 of them. You may read through it to make a choice.

Also, we have written a detailed review of Pure Nootropics. It’s available here and answers all the questions you might be having about the acclaimed vendor.

Can I Get it on Amazon?

Nope, Amazon has been cracking down on lab-made nootropics on its platform and so you won’t find Noopept there.

Generally, this pill falls into the gray area between legal and illegal substances.

And although there’s nothing illegal about it, it’s not freely available for unregulated use.

Noopept vs Adderall

Both are equally powerful and might have similar effects at small dosages. That said, Adderall’s side effects are known to be life-threatening. Noopept is the milder one of the two.

That said, we strongly advise against combining them. Be sure to consult your doctor if in doubt.

Noopept vs Modafinil

Both are known to have their effects kicking in fast. Their effects last quite long i.e. between 12 and 24 hours (depending on the dosage and body type).

That said, Noopept is gentler on your liver than Modafinil. Plus you only need to take 20mg Noopept to get the effects of 100mg Modafinil. Lesser quantities mean less strain on the liver and kidneys.

Please don’t stack these two. They are too powerful and taking them together might lead to some serious side effects.

Noopept vs Aniracetam

The two are often categorized as members of the racetam family. They can work together to improve mood and memory.

Like all other racetams, these two are generally safe for short-term and medium-term consumption. Taking a stack of these can help you handle emotionally draining tasks better.

But ultimately, Noopept is the superior one of the two.

Our Recommendations

Noopept is a relatively popular brain supplement. It has the potential to improve your cognitive function.

Most importantly, it’s taken in low doses meaning that minimal pressure is piled on your body organs when you take it.

We would recommend giving it a shot but cautiously so. Like any other powerful compound, the supplement can yield negative effects if overdosed on.

So, you need to be really careful and responsible when using it on your own at home.

Remember, it’s always important to talk to a medical professional if you need qualified medical advice on this or any other potent brain supplement. You may buy Noopept on Pure Nootropics official website.

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