Nucific Bio X4 Review

Nucific Bio X4 Review: A Really Good Probiotic or Nay?

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With probiotics gaining popularity in the supplement industry right now, there seem to be so many brands available to choose from. However, Nucific Bio X4 seems to be making a lot of noise. In fact, it is considered as one of the best-selling probiotic supplements on the market.

So, what does this supplement do? According to the manufacturer, it offers a very powerful defensive strategy against metabolism, appetite, digestion, and cravings.

But does it really deliver on these promises? What ingredients does it use? Is it even safe? Check out our in-depth Nucific Bio X4 review below to learn more about this formula.

Quick Facts

Manufacturer: Nucific
Country: United States of America
Official Website:
Verdict: A good product but prebiotics might be better.

Prebiotics vs. Probiotics

To start with, Nucific Bio X4 is a probiotic supplement. Basically, probiotics are simply live beneficial bacteria that naturally occur in most fermented foods. Although many types of bacteria may be referred to as probiotics, lactobacillus and bifidobacterium are the most common ones.

While there are so many benefits of using probiotics, the bacteria in these supplements is only effective if it’s alive.

Unfortunately, most of the probiotic bacteria hardly ever make it to the gut. This is because it’s easily killed by stomach acid, heat or die with time.

Photo of the Human Gut in Nucific Bio X4 ReviewPrebiotics, on the other hand, are a type of fiber that cannot be digested by the human body. This means these supplements go through the small intestine undigested and reach the gut where they selectively feed the good bacteria.

So, overall, prebiotics are better than probiotics because they help in increasing the good beneficial bacteria already in the gut.

Besides, prebiotic fiber is not as fragile as probiotic bacteria since it’s not affected by stomach acid, heat, or time.

What’s more? Because there are hundreds of types of probiotic bacteria, it can be hard to determine which strains are exactly beneficial for our unique systems.

Nevertheless, if you decide to take probiotics, it’s important you ensure the bacterial in the supplements are alive.

You also need to determine which probiotics will be helpful for your body since each system is different.


Prebiotics provide a much better deal than probiotics as they selectively feed the good bacteria in your gut.

That way, you don’t have to go through the stress of figuring out which bacteria is best for you and whether, indeed, that bacteria will make it through your digestive system.

Nucific Bio X4 Review: What It Really Is

Nucific Bio X4 Review

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Simply put, it is a 4-in-1 probiotic supplement that claims to support weight loss and smoother digestion. It was created by a company known as Nucific which is based in California.

Besides Bio X4, the company also manufactures a wide range of dietary supplements that they claim are 100% natural.

Additionally, Nucific products are made without synthetic fillers, preservatives, or food coloring.

And to ensure the quality of their products, they are manufactured in a GMP certified facility.

Moving on swiftly, Bio X4 contains a unique blend of ingredients that may have the following benefits:

  • Control food cravings
  • Boost metabolism
  • Support weight loss
  • Enhance the digestive process

So, how exactly does it work, you may ask? To understand how this supplement works, we will need to take a look at ingredients.

The Bio X4 Ingredients List

According to Bio X4’s product label, the supplement consists of four key ingredient blends. This means that the manufacturer does not disclose the exact amount of each ingredient per serving.

Below is a brief overview of what ingredients each Bio X4 blend contains and how it contributes to better gut health.

  • Probiotic Blend (4 Billion CFU)

This blend comprises five important species of bacteria including:

-L. acidophilus

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a type of bacteria that is found in the intestines. It’s also naturally found in fermented foods like yogurt. Ideally, it works by producing the enzyme lactase which then breaks down to lactose and then into lactic acid.

According to different studies, L. acidophilus has been shown to offer a number of health benefits including maintaining a healthy gut.

-L. rhamnosus

Similar to L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus is a bacterium that is also found in your intestines and produces lactic acid.

Besides aiding gut health, research has shown that it may help relieve irritable bowel syndrome, prevent UTIs, and promote weight loss. However, it may cause infection on people with weak immune systems such as those with cancer.

-L. plantarum

This is a probiotic strain of the genus Lactobacillus that mainly thrives at body temperature. As such, it can withstand high acidic conditions and low pH levels in the stomach. Also, this probiotic can produce its own bacteria which helps kill harmful bacteria.

Being a very potent probiotic, L. plantarum may help support a smoother digestion process and fight different types of infections.

-B. lactis

Bifidobacterium lactis is a powerful bacteria strain that lives in the gut. It is found throughout the colon and intestines in great numbers.

Different studies suggest that B. lactis can help improve your overall digestion and boost your immune system functions. More importantly, it aids in the breakdown of body waste and the absorption of minerals and vitamins in the gut.

-B. animalis

B. animalis is a bacterium of the Bifidobacterium genus and is mostly found in the large intestines of most mammals. This includes even humans. It is highly resistant to acid in the stomach which makes it more powerful.

As far as the benefits of this probiotic strain are concerned, it may help restore normal gut flora.

And for a long time, the bacterium has also been used to treat bowel problems and even diarrhea.

  • Digestive Enzyme Blend (43 mg)

The Bio X4 digestive enzyme blend includes three very important probiotic ingredients that are responsible for breaking down food into nutrients. They are:


The enzyme amylase is present in the saliva of humans and in the pancreas where it starts the chemical process of digestion.

It works by hydrolyzing starch and carbohydrates into sugars for easier digestion and absorption by the body. That’s why it is advisable to chew food thoroughly before swallowing.


Bromelain and Pineapple an ingredient in Bio X4This enzyme is naturally found in the pineapple stem and pineapple juice. It is responsible for breaking down proteins.

Generally, people use this ingredient as a supplement for different health benefits including improving digestion and reducing inflammation. It is sometimes also used to relieve sinus problems.


Lipase is a digestive enzyme that is produced in the pancreas. It has many functions including catalyzing the hydrolysis of fats (lipids).

Simply put, it helps break down fat into smaller pieces while also transporting and processing dietary lipids. This ensures you have easier digestion.

  • Weight Management Blend (100 mg)

This blend only contains green tea extract. However, Nucific Bio X4 has 50% EGCG content, one of the most powerful compounds naturally found in green tea.

And according to various studies, this compound has been shown to boost your metabolism which may help promote fat loss.

  • Craving Control Blend (166 mg)

Similar to the weight management blend, this too includes nothing but Slimaluma which is a patented extract from Caralluma Fimbriata.

Caralluma Fimbriata is an edible cactus that has been used by tribal Indians for thousands of years to suppress appetite. There are several studies to support the effectiveness of this extract in easing appetite and cravings thereby resulting in weight loss.

However, more research is still needed to determine how effective this ingredient is when it comes to losing weight.

What’s the Recommended Dosage?

Nucific recommends taking only one capsule three times a day preferably with a meal for optimal results. But since our bodies are different, you can take up to two pills per meal. Just make sure not to exceed six capsules a day.

Bio X4 DosageAdditionally, it is advisable to take this supplement consistently on a daily basis. This will enable your body to build-up an optimal level of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients. However, in case you miss to take the probiotic in a day, you simply continue as normal the next day.

Potential Side Effects

Probiotics are generally considered to be safe and well-tolerated by most healthy people.

However, some individuals may experience mild side effects that are short-lived while using any probiotic.

Some of the most common side effects include mild stomach cramps, bloating, and gas which should resolve themselves over time.

Surprisingly, these are the same issues individuals with imbalanced or unhealthy gut microbiome usually experience.

As far as Nucific Bio X4 is concerned, the manufacturer claims it has no known side effects. This is because it is made up of only natural ingredients. What’s more? The capsules are both allergen and gluten-free.

However, Caralluma Fimbriata may cause mild stomach upset, constipation, and intestinal gas.

The good news is that these side effects will usually subside at least after a week of using the supplement.

It’s also worth noting that this product has green tea which contains caffeine but in small quantities. So, if you’re sensitive to stimulants, you might want to talk to your doctor before using this probiotic.

Where to Buy, Pricing, Shipping, & Refund Policy

Since Nucific Bio X4 is relatively new in the market, you cannot find it in stores. Currently, you can only purchase it at Nucific’s official website or on Amazon.

When it comes to pricing, the product is available in three packages including one month, three months, and six months supply.

A bottle containing 90 soft gel capsules costs $99.00 while three bottles go for $261.36. However, if you buy a six month supply, you will only part away with $487.08.

So, overall, the product can be quite pricey if you buy a single bottle every month. However, if you buy in bulk, you can save up to 18%.

Moving on swiftly, the manufacturer does provide free shipping on all orders over $50.

Unfortunately, this only applies to US residents.

But you know what the best part is? While this probiotic is not available on a free trial, Nucific does provide a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Apparently, this is the amount of time they claim it will take for users to notice any effects.

However, we are not really sure if they do honor this guarantee or not.

  • Contains many of the most important genus of bacteria
  • Does not need any refrigeration
  • Allergen-free and gluten-free
  • Includes vital enzymes that promote better digestive health
  • 100% vegetarian capsules
  • Contains green tea which has been shown to support weight loss
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified facility
  • Relatively expensive
  • You need to take it on a regular basis to experience maximal benefits
  • Most of the enzymes and bacteria in the product are designed to last only for a short time
  • Most of its ingredients are in proprietary blends

What Users Are Saying

The customer reviews for Nucific Bio X4 on their official website are all overwhelmingly positive.

However, there are so many reviews about this product on other neutral sites like Amazon and they seem to be mixed. This makes us think that some of the reviews on the Nucific website could be biased.

Here are a few examples of what users have to say about Bio X4 probiotic:

“Amanda Profera, a verified reviewer posted on Nucific website saying that the supplement really works. She also added that it makes one feel refreshed and even energized.”

“Bethany Hunt, posted on Amazon how this product has helped her curb cravings. She now eats only when she is hungry which has led her to lose significant weight. And the best part is that she no longer has issues with her bowel movements.”

Unfortunately, some customers were not happy with this probiotic. Most of the complaints are mainly about the supplement being very pricey.

Also, some users reported that they did not see any results, not even a change in appetite, weight, and even digestion. This is understandable since the manufacturer states on their website that results can and will vary since all individuals are different.

Does Nucific Bio X4 Help with Weight Loss?

Bio X4 is designed to promote a healthy gut microbiome since it’s a probiotic. It also works by fixing any digestive issues that are related to enzyme and bacteria imbalances.

However, Nucific states on their website that this supplement may also help with weight loss issues. Like most probiotics, it improves digestion as well as the breakdown of fats. What’s more, Bio X4 suppresses your appetite and cravings which ensures you eat healthily.

More importantly, this dietary supplement contains ingredients that are specifically designed to support weight loss. One of them is green tea extract which contains 50% EGCG, a catechin that has been found to promote fat loss.

Another ingredient that may aid in weight loss is Caralluma Fimbriata. This ingredient has been shown to help manage cravings and ease appetite. And as you might know, this is a major step towards getting a slimmer body.

Unfortunately, Caralluma Fimbriata is not tested in clinical conditions. So, there are no conclusive clinical trials in which this ingredient has been shown to suppress appetite.

But overall, we think that Nucific Bio X4 can help you lose some extra pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any queries about this probiotic that has taken the market by storm? In this section, we will try to answer most if not all of your questions about Nucific Bio X4. So, stick with us.

Is Bio X4 really safe?

A: Generally, this supplement appears safe because it is made from pure ingredients. However, some of its ingredients may have mild side effects like bloating and constipation. The good news is that these effects should go away in a week.

Is it safe to take Nucific Bio X4 without food?

A: Yes, you can but it’s not advisable. Taking this probiotic with meals ensures optimal results that’s why it’s advisable to take one capsule three times a day.

Who should not take probiotics?

A: While probiotics are considered to be generally safe, children and adults with severe illnesses should avoid using them. Also, people with weak immune systems should not take these supplements.

For how long should one take probiotics?

A: It is recommended to take probiotic supplements consistently for the effects to last. Apparently, if you stop consuming them, your gut bacteria are very likely to go back to their pre-supplementation condition within weeks.

What is the best probiotic to take?

A: The general recommendation is to choose probiotic supplements with at least one billion colony-forming units. It should also contain the genus Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium which are some of the most researched probiotic strains.

Nucific Bio X4 does meet all these requirements thereby making it a great supplement.

Is BioX4 a scam?

A: No, it’s not. Nucific is a very reputable company when it comes to nutritional supplements.

What’s more, they seem to have an honest returns policy. More importantly, this product is used by thousands of people and the majority of them seem to be satisfied with it.

Final Verdict

Overall, Nucific Bio X4 seems like a good probiotic supplement to us. It has a great combination of ingredients including many of the key important genus of bacteria.

So, it may help improve your digestive health by ensuring all the essential nutrients are efficiently absorbed into the body.

If you’re looking to optimize your gut microbiome, which is important, Nucific Bio X4 is not such a bad option. The only huge drawback is its hefty price tag and it’s…well…a probiotic.

We still think that most people can benefit a lot more from taking a good prebiotic instead.

This is because prebiotic supplements are designed to selectively feed the bacteria in your gut. Unlike, probiotics that introduce new bacteria to your microbiome yet most of them hardly ever make it to the gut alive.

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