Performance Lab Mind Review

Performance Lab Mind Review: Ingredients, Pros & Cons

With so many nootropic supplements designed for performance, knowing which one is the best for your needs can be daunting.

But if you’re looking for an all-in-one cognitive enhancer, you should probably consider trying Performance Lab Mind.

This stack claims to address all areas of brain functions including new learning, focus, concentration, memory, and attention.

However, with the supplement being relatively new in the markets, we understand that you might be having doubts about its efficacy.

In this review, we’re going to take a detailed look at this stack to see where it stands.

Quick Facts

Product: Performance Lab Mind
Manufacturer: Opti-Nutra
Country: UK & USA

Performance Lab Mind – What It Is

This is a new product by Opti Nutra Advanced Nutraceuticals Company which is also behind the popular Mind Lab Pro. It comprises a wide range of natural ingredients that have been shown to provide mental recovery and support brain health.

Designed to promote peak mental performance, Performance Lab Mind is ideal for professionals, students, and anyone looking to gain a mental edge. Not only does it claim to support alertness and focus but also processing speed, attention, and memorization.

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Can it beat its more popular brother Mind Lab Pro? And does it even work? Let’s find out.

How Does It Work? Ingredients List

To understand how this dietary supplement works, we’re going to take a look at its ingredients. Unlike other nootropic stacks that contain more than ten ingredients, Performance Lab Mind has far fewer ingredients. It combines 4 different nootropics including:

1. Citicoline (Cognizin) 250 mg
Citicoline chemical formula.

Citicoline is a powerful cholinergic agent that is naturally occurring in all living cells. It plays various roles when it comes to brain development including increasing your overall levels of acetylcholine.

Basically, acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that enhances optimal brain chemistry for short-term memory, learning, and attention.

The main function of this ingredient in Performance Lab Mind is to protect and maintain brain cells.

Also, Citicoline has been shown in research to boost brain energy by at least 13.6%. More so, it may help optimize the function of mitochondria, a power plant that produces energy for the brain cells.

2. Phosphatidylserine (Sharp PS Green) 100 mg

Similar to Citicoline, this ingredient is also present in almost all body cells. However, it is highly concentrated in the brain where it supports brain regeneration.

Also, Phosphatidylserine has been shown to promote Nerve Growth Factor which helps in the creation of new brain cells.

As we grow older, the levels of Phosphatidylserine tend to decrease. That’s why supplementation of this ingredient is strongly recommended to help optimize brain health.

Generally, the Phosphatidylserine in this stack comes from sunflower lecithin rather than from soy like is the case with most nootropics. This makes it allergen and soy-free.

3. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) 300 mg

NALT is a lab-enhanced form of L-Tyrosine that is well-tolerated and highly bioavailable. This ingredient may help in the production of various brain chemicals including norepinephrine and dopamine.

As it turns out, dopamine is responsible for promoting better concentration and positive mood. Besides that, NALT has been clinically proven to enhance memory, mental processing as well as overall cognitive performance.

Additionally, supplemental NALT is suggested to promote sharp mental function under stressful conditions like multitasking or sleep deprivation.

4. Maritime Pine Bark Extract 75 mg
Pine bark extract
Pine bark extra. Image courtesy/ GreenMedInfo

Known for being rich in proanthocyanidin antioxidants, this ingredient is responsible for signaling the production of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide, has been shown to enhance blood flow to the brain.

This results in the efficient delivery of oxygen, micronutrients, and glucose needed for brain energy.

What’s more? Maritime Pine Bark Extract also contains flavonoids antioxidants that may help optimize brain plasticity. Besides that, it enhances brain cell regeneration while also supporting overall brain health.

Does It Really Work?

Like any other product, Performance Lab Mind has received mixed reviews. While most users are raving about this stack online, the product has also received negative reviews.

Nevertheless, we think that this dietary supplement really works given the tons of positive reviews we came across.

Besides, it contains only high-quality ingredients that are highly potent. On top of that, all its ingredients are backed by research to contribute to better brain function.

All you need to keep in mind before trying this nootropic is that the results are not typical. Also, it might be hard to tell whether it works or not during the first days of taking it. Therefore, you might need to give it time so you can determine if it works for you or not.

But overall, if you’re looking to enhance your learning performance, memory, processing speed, and focus, you can give this supplement a try.

Potential Side Effects

Performance Lab Mind is made of only quality and pure ingredients which have thoroughly been tested in various clinical trials. The ingredients are dosed appropriately and are well-tolerated by the body.

Besides, it is GMP certified, allergen-friendly, vegan-friendly, soy-free, Non-GMO and gluten-free. On top of that, the stack does not contain any synthetic additive and is 100% natural.

What’s more? It has no caffeine so you don’t have to worry about side effects like headaches and jitters caused by consuming stimulants. Therefore, it would be right to say that this supplement is safe for both long-term and daily use without cycling.

That said, Performance Lab Mind may cause a few side effects in some people including gastrointestinal distress and headaches. However, if you take the right dosage as recommended, chances are that you’ll not experience any side-effects.

But should you experience any negative effects from taking this stack, simply discontinue the use of the product.

Also, it’s advisable to speak to a medical doctor if you have any concerns whatsoever about this stack. More so, make sure to read the label carefully to ascertain that you’re not allergic to any of its ingredients.

How to take Performance Lab Mind

The manufacturer suggests you take one to two capsules a day preferably in the morning or early afternoon. You can choose to take the supplement before or with your breakfast. And for better absorption, you can take the capsules with your first meal of the day that consists mainly of dietary fats.

Additionally, it is recommended to use this nootropic stack daily so you can get the most of it. Also, we suggest combining it with another stack like Performance Lab Energy for maximum effect.

Where to Buy, Shipping, Returns & Pricing

At the moment, you can only purchase Performance Lab Mind at the manufacturer’s official website. The supplement ships worldwide and all orders are sent out either on the same day or the next day.

However, orders placed on public holidays or weekends are typically sent out during the next normal working day.

If you order Performance Lab Mind by mistake or change your mind, returning the product is easy. All you need is to contact the supplement’s customer service team within a week of receiving your order.

In fact, you need not have used the stack to qualify for a full refund minus the company’s shipping costs. Also, you’ll have to incur the return postage costs.


As far as pricing is concerned, a single bottle containing 30 capsules for a one month supply costs $50 only. But it gets even better if you buy multiple bottles at once. For instance, if you purchase two bottles of this stack, you will only pay $95 or simply $47.50 per bottle.

And if you order three bottles at once, they will cost you $135 or $45 per bottle. This is definitely a good deal for long-term cognitive enhancement and improved brain function.

  • Made of pure and potent ingredients
  • Backed by a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee
  • The manufacturer made sure to disclose the exact quantities of each ingredient used
  • Boosts all the most crucial aspects of cognitive performance
  • Backed by a friendly and knowledgeable customer care team
  • It has been taken through third-party testing to prove its potency
  • For maximum effects, you might need to stack it with other nootropic stacks
  • Its effects are not felt immediately after taking it

Performance Lab Mind FAQs

And now let’s take a look at some of those burning questions you might have about Performance Lab Mind.

Q: How long does Performance Lab Mind take to work?

A: Those taking two capsules daily report noticeable cognitive enhancement within two weeks. However, the manufacturer suggests giving the stack at least 60 days to determine if it works for you or not.

Q: Is Performance Lab Mind Safe?

A: Yes it is safe for both daily and long-term use as long as you take the right dosage. Generally, the stack is clean and free of soy, preservatives, GMOs, colorants, gluten as well as other additives.

Q: Who is Performance Lab Mind designed for?

A: Students, professionals or anyone looking to enhance their mental performance can benefit from taking this supplement.

Q: Does Performance Lab Mind contain caffeine?

A: No, it doesn’t. However, it is designed to promote alertness just like stimulants do but without crashing or jitters.

Final Thoughts

Sure, Performance Lab Mind is far from being a ”limitless” pill or a miracle cure. However, as far as nootropic supplements go, this seems like a top-quality product.

The noot combines powerful ingredients that are 100% natural and meant ensure your brain performs at its peak.

Therefore, we highly recommend you try it. And if it does not work for you, then you can request a full refund within 60 days. You may click here to visit the official Performance Lab Mind website.

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