Serovital Review

SeroVital Review: What We Know About This HGH Supplement

We do not know about you, but most people out here would not mind feeling and looking younger especially when the effects of aging start kicking in.

You can tell that this is the case by the number of people getting Botox injections and seeking other methods of keeping that youthful look. The only problem is that most of these solutions are expensive and come with many side effects (think of all the botched plastic surgery operations) you may have seen.

Well, you may find what you are looking for in the SeroVital supplement, a product that claims to reverse the effects of aging.

This sounds appealing but how true is it? In this review, we are going to dissect each aspect of SeroVital HGH to help you decide whether it is worth it or not.

SeroVital HGH Review: An Overview

What is SeroVital? Simply put, it is a dietary supplement that claims to stall the aging process. The supplement comes in capsule form and is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach preferably two hours before breakfast or two hours after the evening meal.

According to the manufacturer of this product, it can tighten skin, increase libido, improve energy levels, reduce body fat, and most importantly, boost HGH levels.

Now, you are supposed to take four capsules of this product twice a day and while you will appreciate that swallowing capsules is easy, you may find it challenging to take four capsules in the morning and in the evening.

How it Works

We all have the human growth hormone (HGH) that keeps us looking and feeling youthful. However, at around the age of 25, the levels of this hormone start to dwindle and we begin to experience the impact of aging.

For instance, women over 40 will have a lower sex drive, more body fat, wrinkles, and will start feeling more lethargic.

The theory behind SeroVital is that it dictates to the body what to do with extra fat seeing as it contains HGH. This works to help you maintain a leaner and toned body.

Another thing that HGH does is that it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps restore healthy hair.

As you can see, this hormone plays a huge role when it comes to promoting anti-aging. It, therefore, makes sense to have high levels of HGH in your system by taking the SeroVital supplement.

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What it Includes – Ingredients

Before we go any further, we want to let you know that SeroVital comes in powder, liquid, and capsule form. However, we are focusing on the supplement in capsule form in this review.

SeroVital Ingredients List

Moving right along, the supplement contains one herb and five amino acids. The amino acids are not generated in the body so we refer to them as essential amino acids.

We begin with L-Lysine HCL an ingredient that is known to boost energy levels. As you age, your HGH levels decrease leaving you feeling tired almost all the time. Of course, you need your energy levels boosted to feel young hence the importance of this amino acid.

Another ingredient in the SeroVital supplement is L-Arginine HCL, which is thought to improve blood circulation and ultimately improve your sex drive. This is particularly beneficial for men who struggle with erectile dysfunction. Oxo-Proline is also reported to have the same effect.

Moving right along to N-Acetyl-Cysteine an ingredient with antioxidant properties and hypothesized to improve sleep and mood. You can see why it is included in this supplement because you need adequate sleep and a good mood to retain your youthfulness.

L-Glutamine is thought to help burn excess fat. Again, this is to help you keep your energy levels up and help you look and feel younger.

Finally, we have Schizonepeta powder otherwise known as Japanese Catnip which is the only herb in this supplement. This ingredient is believed to reduce anxiety as well as act as a mood booster so you can see why the manufacturer included it in the supplement.

SeroVital and hGH

At the heart of the brain, you will find the pituitary gland and that is where HGH is produced. Now, this hormone promotes muscle and bone growth, cell metabolism, and repair, as well as increases energy levels.

Another thing you want to note about HGH is that it is directly linked to body fat. This means that you have lower levels of the hormone if you have higher body fat and vice versa. Luckily, you can boost your levels by losing weight. SeroVital claims to help you burn fat so that you can have higher levels of the hormone.

Did you know that HGH levels rise after quality sleep and exercise? This is why you are advised to take the supplement just before going to bed or immediately after you wake up. SeroVital claims that it can stimulate your body to generate the hormone so you won’t have to incur the cost of synthetic injections.

Since HGH levels decrease with age, there is a need to supplement the levels and according to the creator of SeroVital, the supplement can boost HGH levels by 682% within 2 hours of taking it orally.

While this sounds promising, we cannot rely on it too much because it is not backed by any other studies.

Benefits of SeroVital

According to the official website, SeroVital comes with a host of benefits such as:

  • Improved sex drive
  • Reduction of wrinkles and tightening of the skin
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Reduced body fat
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved bone health

That said; they do admit on their website that their studies on these benefits are not conclusive. What this means is that the only thing you can be sure of is that SeroVital will increase HGH levels in your system.

  • Results may vary from person to person
Does SeroVital Promote Weight Loss?
Weight Loss

Many people are struggling with weight and we can understand why you would wonder if SeroVital can help reduce body fat. Unfortunately, there are no published studies to back up the same.

What we can confidently state is that the amino acids contained in the supplement can help boost lean muscle mass which can potentially lead to weight loss.

You may argue that most bodybuilders use amino acids for the same reason but again, studies into their effectiveness are either inconclusive or too conflicting.

Even verified buyers of the supplement are not fully convinced that their weight loss was directly linked to the supplement, as you will soon find out.

Therefore, our conclusion here is that although SeroVital does boost HGH levels, the manufacturer claims that it also reduces wrinkles, body fat, boost energy levels, and mood as well as sleep.

The only confirmation for the same is from users. Otherwise, there are no concrete studies to back these claims.

Side Effects

As you go through this review, you are probably wondering if there are any side effects to using SeroVital. Unfortunately, there are some although they are likely to be fewer and less serious compared to those that may be caused by synthetic HGH injections.

Some of the side effects you are likely to experience from using SeroVital include:

  • Lethargy
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Acne
  • Swollen feet and hands
  • Heartburn

That said, no ingredients in the supplement have been reported to cause any serious harm to healthy adults.

SeroVital Reviews

You can buy SeroVital from their official website or online stores such as, Amazon, or at an average price of $99.00.

Between the three sellers, the average rating of the supplement is about 3.7 out of 5. Not too bad wouldn’t you say?

That said; there have been positive reviews when it comes to weight loss, energy-boosting, and skin improvement.

Some positive reviews:

“I’m a 65-year-old female and have been using SeroVital for more than a year. I can confirm that my sleep pattern, energy levels, and general well-being have significantly improved. Besides, my hair has grown back and I would say that this is an amazing product.”

“I have been taking the supplement twice daily as recommended and for sure, I can say that I have noticed a difference in my weight. I have more energy and stamina since I began taking this product. So at 72, I appreciate this product.”

“The product works! I was skeptical about taking the supplement and having to stay on an empty stomach for 2 hours but once you take the pills, the hunger disappears anyway. I’m on my second box and I would definitely recommend.”

There are also some negative reviews from users who experienced side effects, did not see change, or thought that the product was too costly.

Some Negative Reviews:

“Unfortunately for me, this product was not as good. Even though I have never had troubled skin, I started to develop dermal cysts on my skin after using it.I would say research first before buying.”

“I found taking 4 capsules before eating and another dosage after eating to be a hassle. It requires some level of commitment which not everyone can have.”

“Although I have nothing negative to say about the pills, I did not experience any changes after using it. I guess my pituitary gland simply does not respond to it.”

At the time of compiling this review, SeroVital had an average of 3.7 stars out of a possible five stars on Amazon, which is good enough.

For a month’s supply of the product, you have to part with $99 and that is not cheap. Users who report positive effects may find this to be worthwhile while the unsatisfied ones view this as a rip-off.

Who is it for?

As you go through this review, you are probably getting the vibe that this product is primarily marketed for women and rightfully so because women are known to be more conscious of their looks than men are.

So, is SeroVital ideal for men? Yes, it is because we cannot rule out the fact that some men would like to maintain their youthful look.

Therefore, any healthy adult male or female can safely use the product. Persons suffering from conditions such as hypertension and diabetes should however seek clearance from a physician before using the supplement.

The same applies to nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Is SeroVital HGH Legit?

Is Serovital hgh Legit?

Just as we have previously mentioned, SeroVital’s main claim is that it boosts the HGH levels by up to 682% hence promoting anti-aging.

Now, the biggest question here would be does it really work?

You see, unlike synthetic HGH injections, SeroVital’s ingredients naturally stimulate the production of the hormone in the body.

According to the company, this rise in HGH helps in reducing body fat, boosting energy levels, and reducing wrinkles.

That said; there is no scientific evidence to support those claims. Even the study carried out by SeroVital’s manufacturer only showed an increase in HGH and did not verify the benefits it could offer.

We believe that this product could stall aging but it is not worth spending all that money every month on a product that does not have enough scientific backing when it comes to its effectiveness.


We cannot tell the long-term impact of using the supplement but the company does say that if you discontinue the use of SeroVital, your body immediately stops generating the HGH hormone.

You can use the supplement for as long as you want and stop whenever you feel like it. You will not experience any withdrawal symptoms aside from feeling and seeing your age.

Can you see the catch there? For you to keep looking and feeling younger, you would have to keep taking the supplement and honestly, at $99 a month, this is quite costly.

To counter this, you could source for the amino acids in the supplement to use separately as it may be cheaper. Alternatively, you can get on a healthy diet and ensure that you get enough quality sleep and exercise to stimulate your body into producing HGH on its own.

This should save you the pain of spending all that money when we all know that you will succumb to age at some point.

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