FitNote Journal & Planner

FitNote executive notebook journal productivity planner


The fitnote notebook is not only built to last but also provide functionality. Its cover is made from premium-quality leatherette. Plus, it comes with a chrome clip that makes it resemble a luxurious office folder.

Each one of its pages to plan, document or even rate productivity. This is a must-have for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Great tool to have for noting down your personal goals, professional note-taking, planning, and becoming more effective day by day.


Dimensions: 9.3”x6.7”

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Product Description

This executive notebook known as the Fitnote does more than just organize your schedule. It pushes your productivity and encourages you to achieve your wildest dreams.

It’s made from high quality materials for an executive look and appeal. Its cover material is a soft leatherette, black in color with a touch of elegance.

What’s more, the Fitnote comes with a chrome clip which gently closes the notebook using magnetic power to keep your notes, to-dos and plans well protected.

There’s one page-marker provided. Plus, each page has features that enable you to plan your activities and store memories like a pro.

Dimensions: 9.3”x6.7”

Additional Information
Dimensions24 × 17 × 2.5 cm
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