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The Before and After Photos & Why Folexin Continues to Attract Mixed Reviews

When people take a supplement like Folexin, you ordinarily expect them to take photos before they start the regimen and after a couple of months to show whether the product works or not.

Unfortunately, most people treat things to do with hair growth as personal matters – who wants the whole world to know that they’re battling partial baldness?

Not that it’s something to be ashamed of but because some things are best kept private at least for some time.

This explains why finding photos of before n after product use is not always a walk in the park.

Folexin is no different – but our “sleuths” have managed to compile these eight (8) photos that provide a rough idea of what happened to certain users before and after the regimen.

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Dale Howard Before Taking Folexin and After

Dale Howard before and after Folexin use

Dale Howard started using Folexin in January 2020 after purchasing it on Amazon. He used it for 7 months before he finally stopped using it on August 2020. His before and after photos indicate that his hair became visibly denser toward the middle of the scalp. Take a look at the photo below, can you see the difference?

As per his review on Amazon, though, the results achieved via Folexin use fell below expectations. He expected better and felt that his hair was not as dense as he wanted it to be after blow-drying it.

Erika from Glamgoss 6 Weeks Later

Erika from Glamgoss at 6 Weeks

Erika writes for a blog called Glamgoss. Apparently, she noticed that her hair was thinning out when looking at herself in the mirror after taking a shower. Frustrated, she tried all manner of products she could find online. Unfortunately, none of these seemed to help.

One day, a friend recommended Folexin to her – and long story short, this was the gamechanger she badly needed. These are the before and after photos she shared on her blog (reportedly taken 6 weeks apart – wow, sounds too good to be true). 

Debbie 12 Months After Supplementing with Folexin

Debbie 12 Months After Supplementing with Folexin

Debbie shared these two photos below with us via email. She sounded pretty excited about the gains she had made in 12 months. Yup, you read that right. 12 long months. That said, we think the results were worth the wait. The first photo shows that she was clearly dealing with a receding hairline.

Her hair currently looks stronger and the thinning symptoms on her temples have almost completely disappeared as shown in photo 2. Good job Debbie.

Allan, This Was 10 Months After Folexin Supplement & Healthy Diet

Allan, This Was 10 Months After Folexin Supplement & Healthy Diet

The first time we conducted a review of Folexin in 2019, we bought a few bottles for our own use. Luckily, we had a “guinea pig” in the house – Allan, a member of our research team had just turned 30 and was not too comfortable with the condition of the hair on his crown.

So, he started using Folexin and the before and after photos below were taken 10 months apart. After those 10 months, he didn’t have to use the pills on a daily basis. Nowadays, he typically buys a bottle after every 6 months to keep the hair looking good.

Take a look at his before photo and another one from after using Folexin and be the judge.

Our Thoughts on Before & After Photos of Folexin

The most important thing is to know that we are all different. Supplements can only do so much in helping us achieve the results we so much crave for. Other than supplements, it is important to stick to a healthy diet and avoid stress. Hairstyles that apply too much pressure on the hair roots e.g., ponytails should be avoided.

Another important thing – if you have tried all manner of products and are yet to see any good results, the best thing is to work with a dermatologist. Let them conduct several tests on you to determine what exactly is “eating” your hair.

As you can see, some people had to wait for close to a year while others reportedly made remarkable improvement in 6 weeks. Others probably never even saw the changes they desired – reason being there are numerous causes of hair thinning (and also different levels of expectations).

That said, we do think that Folexin is a really good product for supporting the growth of radiant, beautiful, and strong hair. The before and after photos shared above speak volumes. You can learn more about it in this article we previously wrote or head here for some FAQs.

Disclaimer: Results are not typical. The products and claims made about them have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to cure, treat, prevent or diagnose disease. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace advice from your physician.
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