V-Tight Gel Review

Worried that you might be too slack “down there”? Tired of trying Kegels that don’t seem to get anything done? Well, you don’t have to feel defective anymore as the V-tight gel, as we’ll see in this review, might have everything you need to feel in your 20s again.

But first, let’s take care of the basics.

Quick Facts

Product Name: V-Tight Gel
Manufacturer: V-Tight
Country: United Kingdom
Official Website: Website

How to Tighten Vag

Experts generally agree that exercise, estrogen therapies, and some herbs can help reduce vaginal laxity. But there’s a catch. Each one of these methods only works with a little effort every day.

*Kegel Exercises

You probably have already tried these exercises to improve the strength of your pelvic floor. However, by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles only, the vaginal walls may not benefit much. To get better results, you might want to try something more advanced.

*Estrogen Therapy

Simply put, this is a hormonal replacement process that is often viewed as a hit-or-miss treatment. Basically, the process involves replacing the hormones in your body to help you beat the menopausal effects.

It’s a costly procedure and as we have said, it’s a hit-or-miss therapy. And that then brings us to the third option.

*Herbal Therapies

This is by far the safest and most effective way to manage vaginal laxity (if done right). You basically want to work with a product that’s non-toxic, safe and effective.

You may need to talk to your urogynecologist for recommendations but for today, we’d like to limit our focus on one popularly recommended gel i.e. V-Tight.

V-Tight Gel Review: What It Really Is

When the vagina loosens, it changes the size and shape, and many women get embarrassed about this development.

In the past, women could only rely on risky and expensive procedures to fix the problem. But now, there are many safer and effective options, including the V-tight gel which, when applied, can deliver the results you were hoping.

How Does It Work?

To understand how this gel works, we are going to discuss the ingredients that make up the product. The main ingredients include Manjakani, Witch Hazel, Arginine, Sodium PCA, and Citric acid.


Manjakani extract is the main ingredient of the V-tight gel, and for many centuries, it has been used in Eastern Europe by women for minimizing vaginal discharge. Further, the extract has also been used as a remedy for tightening the vaginal walls.

When you look at these benefits, it becomes easy to understand why Manjakani is the primary ingredient of the V-tight gel.

Witch Hazel

This extract is packed with tannins, which is a polyphenolic biomolecule that helps in narrowing the vaginal walls much faster. Also, the extract is vital in making the vagina firmer and thereby reversing the loosening that had been occurring.

Also worth mentioning is that the witch hazel extract has acne treatment properties that help to keep the skin in excellent condition.


This is an ingredient that helps in enhancing sexual arousal and stimulation. It does this by widening the vaginal walls and thereby allowing the entry of more blood into the walls.

In the end, the user should have a better sexual sensation, which translates to more sexual pleasure.

Citric Acid

The primary role of citric acid is to keep your skin safe from irritation and improve its overall condition. Therefore, the gel ensures that you experience less itching around the vaginal area and keeps you more comfortable.

Sodium PCA

If you know the pain that comes with dry vaginal walls, then you are going to appreciate the presence of this ingredient, which is a natural moisturizer.

When the vagina is moist, there will be better penetration during sex. Further, this ingredient helps in maintaining the vaginal walls’ elasticity and freshness too.

Does the Gel Work?

According to thousands of reviews by users worldwide, the V-Tight gel actually works. The results are visible in record time, and you are left with boosted self-esteem as you prepare to get intimate with your partner.

We could also point to the fact that you have to apply the gel moments before having intercourse with your partner.

This implies that you are likely to get what you were looking for before getting into the act.

In the end, not only should your confidence levels have risen, but your bond with your partner should have become much stronger.

Benefits of Using the V-Tight Gel

There are several reasons that make the V-Tight gel a worthy investment for anyone experiencing vaginal looseness.

The Application

Earlier on, we stated that you could apply some of the gel before intercourse to tighten your vagina and also make it more physically appealing.

In addition to that, since many women experience some vaginal looseness after penetrative sex, you can apply some of the V-tight gel to retighten the area.

Note that this gel is a quick-fix whereby the result fades away after some time, and so you need to apply the gel regularly daily for the effects to last longer. Also, you may accompany the gel with some Kegel exercises.

Bonus Kegel Exercise Program

This program aims to make the positive effects of this gel last for longer. It features simple kegel exercises that anyone can perform. Further, you will be offered lifestyle tips on how you could improve your vagina’s appearance.


The manufacturer understands the sensitivity of the vaginal loosening topic. Therefore, the package is made to be as discreet as possible without any labels that would give out what is in the package.

Possible Side Effects

Even with all the benefits of using the V-tight gel, there are several disadvantages too. For instance, if you happen to consume the gel in excess, the Manjakani in it may lead to intestinal issues such as constipation and stomach aches.

Also, the herb extract is claimed to cause miscarriages in pregnant women.

Keep in mind that any product with Manjakani is not safe for use for women on periods or those with vaginal infections.

Where To Buy

If you want to benefit from the money-back guarantee or the trial period of this product, we recommend that you buy it directly from the manufacturer.

All you have to do is place your order from the official website, and the gel will be shipped to the address that you gave. Note that the packaging will be as discreet as possible to maintain the confidentiality that you wanted.

Is the V-Tight Gel Worth it?

Yes, it is. First, it is a natural and safe alternative to the otherwise risky procedures that aim to tighten your loose vagina permanently.

Then, not only is it cheap, but it is also a risk-free purchase since you can claim a full refund of your money if you are not pleased with the results.

Lastly, the gel is easy to use and does not leave any unpleasant stains on your beddings.

Final Thoughts

Many women feel embarrassed talking about their vaginal loosening experiences, maybe because they think they are alone in that situation.

However, in truth, there are countless cases globally, and that is why a product like V-Tight Gel came into existence as a safe and natural alternative to the risky vaginal tightening procedures in practice.

Therefore, why don’t you try it out and you can rest assured that you will have more confidence in the bedroom. This would lead to better sex and would bring you closer to your partner.