Mind Lab Pro review

Mind Lab Pro Review: 3 Major Flaws & Unbiased Guide

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You might have heard of the pre-made stack known as Mind Lab Pro that every reviewer seems to be praising. And maybe you have found yourself wondering – is this product as good as these guys want me to believe?

You know, we live in a world where people earn a commission for recommending certain products. And that means you’re likely to come across a lot of salesy stuff out there.

We are not perfect either but we take a slightly different approach. And today, we’d like to educate you on the good and bad sides of this so-called “smart drug” from Opti-Nutra.

That’s because we believe that when you are properly informed you can make a decision on your own. Isn’t that what freedom of choice is all about?

Quick Facts

Product: Mind Lab Pro
Manufacturer: Opti-Nutra
Country: UK & USA
Official Website: Website
Verdict: Good but not perfect, read on to find out why.

What Exactly is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is a natural dietary supplement made by a company known as Opti-Nutra. The company is based in London, UK. So we’re not sure whether they adhered to the cGMP requirements or not. Plus we don’t have the FDA in that country either.

But we’re talking about the UK. Not just any other country out there. They also have their own regulations and we’re duly informed that the Brits are actually quite strict with everything; not just punctuality. Forgive the cliché. :-)


After publishing this Mind Lab Pro review, someone shared this webpage from the product’s official website with us. It confirms that though their headquarters are in the UK, they do have a fully-fledged manufacturing plant right here in the US of A (New Jersey to be specific). The said manufacturing plant is GMP certified.

Did You Just Mention “Standards?”

Talking about standards, the guys behind Mind Lab Pro claim that all of its ingredients have certificates of analysis (COAs). You see, unlike other products MLP is made up of trademarked ingredients rather than raw, untraceable ones.

For instance, instead of the generic Choline, MLP provides you with Cognizin Citicoline. This version of Citicoline is patented by a bio-chemicals company known as Kyowa Hakko Europe GmbH based in Germany.

Kyowa Hakko is a global brand that has been around for more than 6 decades. We’ve known them all along for their commitment of high standards. In fact, the Kyowa Quality (KQ) is one of the most trusted marks of quality standards for biochemical standards. You can confirm this with your pharmacist or nutritionist.

Quarantined Ingredients

As if the quality assurance provided by Kyowa and other premium ingredient suppliers wasn’t enough, the Mind Lab Pro team has an in-house lab. Once they receive the ingredients, they quarantine and test them before encapsulating them.

EncaspulationThis is done right here in the country and in line with the strict requirements of the cGMP. Plus they go ahead and indicate the exact amounts of each ingredient per serving. They don’t use premium blends to conceal suspicious ingredients.

And for that, we’d like to give them the credit for being highly transparent. But that’s only one part of the story. Keep reading to find out the potential dangers of taking it or you can check out the latest Mind Lab Pro customer reviews here. But first, a closer look at its ingredients.

A Closer Look at Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

One of the reasons this supplement has become so popular is because of its premium (instead of generic) ingredients. The stack consists of 11 ingredients that are well-known:

Phosphatidylserine (as Sharp-PS)

Derived from sunflower lecithin, this ingredient is a phospholipid compound comprising 15% of the brain’s fats. It’s a naturally-occurring compound in the cell membrane where it helps promote neurotransmitters like dopamine and acetylcholine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that is responsible for a feel-good effect while acetylcholine supports brain performance.

Citicoline (as Cognizin)

This ingredients works by raising acetylcholine (one of the primary neurotransmitters) levels in the brain. Greater amount of this neurotransmitter means improved memory, focus and learning. Besides that, this ingredients enhances and energizes mental performance.

More importantly, Citicoline has been shown to promote mood balance, concentration, attention, memory, and focus. And in the long-term, it may help maintain a healthy brain performance against cognitive decline.

L-Theanine (as Suntheanine)

This nootropic compound has been shown in various human clinical researches to enhance the activity of alpha brainwaves. These are brainwaves associated with enhanced creativity and a state of wakeful relaxation.

Besides, L-Theanine helps promote calming neurotransmitters such as GABA, serotonin, and dopamine. On top of that, it may help sharpen attention, focus, and alertness as well as instill a state of calmness. Learn more about the best natural nootropics like L-Theanine here.


This includes a combination of vitamin B6 (2.5mg), B9 (100mcg), and B12 (7.5mcg). Apparently, all B vitamins are known to contribute to brain health. However, most research focuses mainly on B6, B9, and B12 vitamins. This is because these vitamins have been shown to help balance homocysteine levels.

High levels of homocysteine are associated with better mood balance, mental energy and sharp overall mental performance. Also, these vitamins play a major role in preventing brain degeneration and enhancing blood flow to the brain.

Bacopa Monnieri (aerial parts)

Bacopa has been used for many years in traditional medicine thanks to its many mental health benefits. This ingredients is known to help protect brain cells aging effects as a result of free radicals. Also, it helps boost acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA chemicals in the brains. The three chemicals work to promote healthy mood, focused thinking, and clear memory.

Unlike other nootropics that use the whole plant of Bacopa monnieri, Mind Lab Pro has extracted 9 of the most active bacoside compounds. This makes it more effective at enhancing memory function.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (full spectrum)

Lions mane in mind lab proDesigned to supply active nootropics known as erinacines and hericenones, this ingredient works by supporting brain health. There is also research that it stimulates the production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). And if you’re not aware, optimized NGF may promote healthy brain function and better memory.

On top of that, the ingredient has been linked to significant improvements in cognitive function that reduced after halting the supplementation. There are also some clinical trials suggesting that Lion’s Mane Mushroom can help in maintaining mood balance.


This is an amino acid compound that helps in synthesizing neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, dopamine, and epinephrine. These neurotransmitters are involved in mood, mental and memory processing. This ingredient may also help boost working memory especially under multitasking conditions.

And you know what the best part is, Mind Lab Pro’s L-Tyrosine is easy to absorb and bioavailable. It also claims to deliver more nootropic activity compared to plain Tyrosine.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is an herbal Adaptogen that is traditionally used to boost attention span, mental processing, work capacity, and learning. It also gained popularity as a legal performance-enhancer especially among power lifters and Russian Olympic biathletes.

On top of that, it is believed to stimulate as well as sustain critical neurotransmitters like serotonin. Norepinephrine, and dopamine. Also, Rhodiola may help with age-related decline as it has antioxidant and acetylcholine-protective properties.

Most notably, this ingredients helps strengthen physical and mental stress resistance while promoting clear thinking and brain energy. As far as its effects are concerned, research suggests that it starts taking effect within 30 minutes.

Learn more about Rhodiola Rosea here.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

This ingredient is rich in a potent of proanthocyanidin antioxidants that help in neutralizing the damaging effects of toxic free radicals. Also, the extract has been shown to help reverse age-related cognitive decline and enhance mental energy.

The extract further signals for the release of Nitric Oxide which increases blood flow to the brain and relaxes the blood vessels. Its proanthocyanidin compounds are also suggested to enhance learning, mental clarity, attention, focus, and maintain memory plus brain health.

Side Effects- Is it Safe?

Mind Lab Pro is probably the cleanest nootropic supplement ever created. Each capsule contains pure and high-potency nootropic compounds. All its ingredients are sourced from various leading global suppliers (as we’ve already mentioned).

Ingredients under loupeOn top of that, the ingredients are tested and quarantined before entering Mind Lab Pro’s manufacturing facilities. This process ensures that the ingredients are free of pesticides, microbes, allergens, herbicides, and GMOs.

Therefore, the chances of experiencing side effects while using this stack are minimal and when they occur, they are mild. But since everyone is different, some people may respond badly to specific herbal extracts.

For instance, Bacopa which is an ingredient in this nootropic may cause bloating, nausea, dry mouth, and stomach cramps in some people. Besides, some people may experience side effects like headache, nausea and insomnia for using Citicoline.

Nevertheless, Mind Lab Pro is generally regarded as safe when consumed in the right dosage and as advised. But if you do experience any side-effects while using this dietary supplement, just discontinue use.

Mind Lab Pro Review: How to Take It

The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules early in the morning and preferably before taking your breakfast. You can the slowly increase the dose to three or four capsules if you need an extra boost. However, you should not take more than four capsules within 24 hours.

Bottle and pills

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While different users have reported immediate effects while taking four pills at the same time, taking two capsules daily also produces results. The effects may not always be instant so you need to take the supplement consistently for at least 30 days. This way, you can experience the real benefits of each ingredient.

We also recommend following 5 days on and two days off-cycle so your body does not build a tolerance for the ingredients. You can also choose to follow the four weeks on and one week off-cycle as the manufacturer recommends.

Does it Really Work?

Mind Lab Pro works by targeting six brain pathways unlike some nootropic brands that may target just two to three brain pathways. As such, it can optimize as many brain functions as possible by unlocking brainpower.

One of the probable reasons why this nootropic is reported to work is that it is entirely made up of premium ingredients. The ingredients are encapsulated in natural vegan Plantcaps for faster absorption in the digestive tract.

But if you don’t see results after taking Mind Lab Pro for at least 30 days, you simply have to return your empty bottle for a full refund. This goes to show how the manufacturer is confident that this nootropic really works. Therefore, you lose nothing if you decide to give it a try.

You may click here to read their shipping & returns policy.

Where Do I Buy It?

The supplement is available for purchase on Mind Lab Pro’s official website. One bottle which contains 60 capsules goes for $65 plus shipping and handling fees. When you buy two bottles, you pay $130 only plus shipping and handling costs which is a little cheaper (You may visit here to get the lowest prices).

However, when you order three bottles, you only pay $195 and you get an extra bottle for free. You also don’t pay for shipping and handling costs. Therefore, it is definitely cheaper to buy in bulk. The company offers fast and free worldwide shipping from USA and UK through companies like:

-United States Postal Service
-Royal Mail

Also, they have a safe and secure checkout process whether you choose to pay via PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. More importantly, packaging is discreet and there are no recurring charges to worry about. Orders are usually sent out by a tracked mail service. And once your order has been dispatched, you’ll receive your tracking number via email.

What Kind of Results Should You Expect?

Bottle and pills

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According to Opti Nutra, Mind Lab Pro delivers a wide range of benefits by enhancing the brain’s natural cognitive pathways. These benefits include quick-recall memory, long-term brain cell health, creative problem solving, mental clarity and better verbal communication. You can also expect results like:

  • Optimized memory function both short and long-term
  • Increased brain energy
  • Enhanced blood circulation in the brain
  • Heightened focus, concentration and attention
  • Calm and better thinking
  • Reduced fatigue and morning brain fog
  • Faster processing speeds
  • Backed by 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • All ingredients are shown on the label
  • It is third-party tested and validated for quality assurance
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Caffeine free, non-GMO, soy free, gluten free and vegan friendly
  • Free and fast shipping for bulk orders
  • Includes premium ingredients in patented nutrient forms
  • Available in clinical-range and high-potency dosages

3 Major Flaws with It

It’s quite difficult to find any negatives from this product given that its makers have really done a lot to make it one of the best stacks out there. However, we believe that nothing is perfect in this world and here now are some major issues we’d link to Mind Lab Pro.

Flaw #1

With 11 ingredients on the menu, it’s difficult to know what works best for you or not. You’ll know that something worked but you’ll not be able to zero-in to it.

Flaw #2

It’s not uncommon to experience tolerance to NALT which is one of the ingredients on this product’s list. Yet no one is even talking about that. We’d, therefore, cycling this stack e.g. taking it for 5 days and 2 days off just so you’re on the safe side.

Flaw #3

The Citicoline found in this supplement is quite good as it doesn’t build tolerance for most people. However, its effects are less profound during the first few weeks of taking it. In other words, the effects take a few weeks to build up.

Frequently Asked Questions

The truth is that it is impossible to exhaust all the details about this nootropic stack. So, in this section of our Mind Lab Pro review, we’re going to look at some of the frequently asked questions. They include:

Q: Is Mind Lab Pro Safe?

A: It is generally regarded as safe as it is made of only research-backed premium ingredients. We have not come across any users or scientists reporting any serious side effects or dangers of its ingredients.

Q: How long should I wait to see the results?

A: If taking two capsules per day, you may start seeing noticeable enhanced mental performance within two weeks. However, it is advisable to wait for at least 30 days so you can judge its effects.

Q: Is Mind Lab Pro legal in Australia?

A: Yes, it is. In fact, for the most part, nootropics are legal to purchase and consume in Australia except for a few like racetams.

Q: Is Mind Lab Pro FDA approved?

A: Yes, it is manufactured in a facility that is FDA-approved.

Q: Is there a free trial or a special Mind Lab Pro coupon?

A: At the moment there is no free trial or even coupon. But there is 30-day satisfaction guarantee just in case you don’t like this stack. And if you buy in bulk, you get the best price possible.

Final Verdict

Overall, we found this universal nootropic to be a reasonably good dietary supplement. What’s more, most customers from all over the world and most especially on platforms like Reddit seem to think the same. As a daily brain supplement, it is pretty well-made, covering nearly every aspect of cognitive performance.

Verdict: Mind Lab Pro is good but not perfect. It’s quite expensive and might cause side effects if used in larger than the recommended quantities. Other than that, it’s a nootropic stack that we’d definitely vouch for. You may visit here to read customer reviews and/or order.

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