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Pramiracetam vs Phenylpiracetam In-Depth Comparison

Racetams have been around since the 60s and one thing is for sure – their popularity has been growing steadily over time. Phenylpiracetam and Pramiracetam are two of the most popular racetams out there which is probably because they are both derivatives of the “grandfather” of all racetams i.e., Piracetam.

As these two are highly popular it is easy to get confused on how similar or different they are. This article draws a head-to-head comparison between the two.

Phenylpiracetam or Pramiracetam? A Comparison

Both Pramiracetam and Phenylpiracetam belong to the family of synthetic nootropics called racetams. Racetams are generally used to boost cognitive abilities and may be used to support cognitive functions in ways such as:

  • Improving focus
  • Enhancing attention
  • Improving learning abilities
  • Memory retention
  • Fatigue management
  • Mood control
  • Overall brain health

It is important to note that most of the studies done about racetams so far are animal studies. More studies need to be done as far as human subjects are concerned in order to assess the long-term effects of using racetams. Fortunately, with the popularity of these nootropic compounds on the rise, more and more research studies continue to be conducted and published.

Based on the research available so far, some of the common side effects of consuming racetams include:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches (often mild)
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle spams
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety/Nervousness
  • Agitation

Due to the risks accompanied by the consumption of racetams in general it is advisable to consult with a certified doctor before taking them. Note, however, that racetams are not legal in every country. It is best to check their legal status in your country prior to purchasing them.

What Is Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam is a nootropic that belongs to the racetam family. It is designed to benefit one’s focus, memory, recall, and cognition. Many neurohackers link pramiracetam to an increase in confidence.

Pramiracetam is widely believed to be a good choice for long hours of intensive study sessions or situations that demand sharp focus.

The recommended dosage for Pramiracetam is 250mg to 400mg taken a maximum of 3 times daily.

What is Phenylpiracetam?

Created after the addition of a phenyl group to Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam is used to boost athletic performance. Owing to the addition of the phenyl group this nootropic is capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier with ease.

Phenylpiracetam increases the levels of acetylcholine, dopamine, GABA, and NMDA receptors in the brain. The nootropic also enhances the ability to resist cold weather conditions.

By boosting the flow of blood to the brain it enhances the supply oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells.

The typical dosage for Phenylpiracetam is 100 – 200mg taken 3 times daily.

What You Should Know About Pramiracetam and Phenylpiracetam

One similarity with both Phenylpiracetam and Pramiracetam is that they are both lab-made nootropics. They both are derived from Piracetam – itself a synthetic chemical. The fact that both substances are unregulated in USA is yet another similarity shared by the substances.

However, the two have their fair share of differences. For instance, Pramiracetam was originally developed for brain injury while Phenylpiracetam was initially made for the management of prolonged periods of stress among Cosmonauts.

Also, Phenylpiracetam is a physical energy-booster while Pramiracetam primarily a focus-booster. Both have memory-boosting properties.

Pramiracetam increases activity in the hippocampus. This enhances the ability to learn new things and recall information. Phenylpiracetam, on the other hand, improves general cognition by enhancing the density of neurotransmitters among them acetylcholine, dopamine, and serotonin.

Comparison Table for Phenylpiracetam vs Pramiracetam

Derived from PiracetamSynthesized from Piracetam
Dosage: 100 – 200mg taken 3 times daily totaling a daily range of 600mgDosage: 400mg taken 3 times daily or 600mg taken 2 times daily, total range of 1200mg
Boosts overall cognition and athletic performanceBoosts memory, recall abilities, and overall cognition


Both nootropic compounds belong to the racetam family of cognitive enhancers. They are both derived from Piracetam which is otherwise known as the “grandfather” of racetams.

There is a fair bit of research suggesting both Phenylpiracetam and Pramiracetam might be effective in supporting and stimulating different aspects of mental and physical performance. However, many of these studies focus on animal subjects and those that focus on human subjects only do so over short durations.

There is a need for more long-term studies to be done to assess the effectiveness and risks of these two nootropic compounds.

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