Pure Nootropics Review (Updated): Good Nootropic Vendor?

High-quality nootropics are not easy to come by, and the few pharmaceutical stores that supply them either charge exorbitant prices or insist that you provide them with a prescription. Luckily, the online world is a dynamic marketplace and players like Pure Nootropics (also referred to as PN elsewhere in this review) lead the way in providing brain supplements at competitive prices.

The company has been around since 2013 and from their nerve-center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, serves a fast-growing domestic and global market.

A quick look at different forums like Reddit and Longecity shows that the company has a relatively good track record. Their prices are quite reasonable plus they publish their third-party testing certificates i.e. COAs next to each product listing on their website (read: transparency).

But in a world where things change so fast and big players come and go, what exact qualities define the vendor; Pure Nootropics? Keep reading to find out.

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Pure Nootropics Nootropics Vendor – An Overview

Just to give you a rough idea of who we are dealing with here – a pill of Adrafinil goes for $0.87 on the Pure Nootropics platform. Their closest rivals like Absorb Health sell the same at $0.9 per pill and Double Wood Supplements at $1 per pill.

Let’s do another comparison, this time using Noopept as the benchmark. If you get 20mg Noopept pills from Pure Nootropics, you’ll need to cough out $0.22 per capsule. When you shop at Absorb Health you’ll need to pay some $0.20 per 10mg capsule. The situation gets even worse when you shop from Cosmic Nootropics which sells 10mg capsules at $0.30.

So, you get more potency at a cheaper price when you shop at PN as opposed to either of those two competitors.
Aniracetam from Pure Nootropics costs $0.42 per pill with 750mg potency. Exactly similar capsules from Nootropics Depot would cost you $0.43 per pill.

With those comparisons in mind, our view is that when you shop at Pure Nootropics, you are likely to get better quality products and at a cheaper price. Facts don’t lie, neither do stop signs, cow paddies or flower pots!

Noopept and coffee
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What’s Their Customer Support Like?

When it comes to spending your hard-earned bucks online, the last thing you want to do is invest your trust in people who don’t even value you. The best way to determine whether a company values its customers or not is by looking at the kind of support they avail to their clients. That is by checking whether or not they respond to queries.

Our experience with PN, to this end, has been great. They always respond to our queries by email. That said, you have to wait for around 24 hours to get a response. Sometimes it takes longer than that during the weekends and public holidays but when all is said and done, they always get in touch! The best part is that their support team seems highly professional.

So, save for the fact that they don’t seem to have adequate instant response measures in place, their customer support via email is quite great at least from the few interactions we’ve had with them in the recent past.

Do They Test Their Products?

Nootropic ingredients come from all corners of the world. Some are grown right here in the US but quite a few come from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and even Africa. With such a diverse supply network in place, it would be difficult even for a US-based company to guarantee its clients of the best in terms of quality.

Some of the noots e.g. Bacopa Monnieri grow in marshy areas and, therefore, are prone to heavy metal poisoning!

With such risks in place, what measures has PN put in place to protect you? The company doesn’t seem to have an in-house laboratory for now but they have contracted a 3-rd party lab for the job.

The good thing with having a 3-rd party lab do the job is that because they don’t have a commercial interest in the products, they’re best-placed to provide unbiased test results.

We took a look at some of the COAs appearing on the PN website and we could confirm that the following crucial tests are done on their products.

  • Assay Tests
  • Cadmium Testing
  • Heavy-Metal Testing
  • Product Identity Tests

So, whenever you order a supplement from them, you can rest assured that you won’t get more than what you bargained for. LOL.

Pure Nootropics and FDA Crackdown

Pure Nootropics FDA controversy
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In the early days of 2019, the company came under the spotlight when it was issued with a warning letter from the FDA. The issues raised by the Administration were that PN had been using a language that showcases their supplements as being intended to be used as drugs.

And because what PN deals with are dietary supplements, the FDA required to tone down the language used on their website.

Other companies that received similar warnings included TEK Naturals, and DK Vitamins. In a quick rejoinder, PN responded to the warning letter acknowledging that it was “developing a plan to fix the issues raised by the FDA.”

As a result, the company set out on a mission to edit their web content and tone down the hype and, so far, all seems to be well.

Is Pure Nootropics A Scam?

On the contrary, they are super legit. Their products are of top-notch quality and their 3-rd party testing methods are, to the best of our knowledge, quite thorough.

Shipping & Returns

L-Theanine and caffeine stack
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Pure Nootropics ships both domestically and internationally. Domestic orders are usually delivered free of charge via the USPS and may take 3 to 6 days to arrive. For faster domestic deliveries you can opt for Priority Shipping at $9 USD or Priority Express shipping whose charges start at $25 USD.

International orders are shipped through DHL Express and generally take 5 to 10 business days to arrive.

Not satisfied with the product that was delivered to you? PN provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee but of course, you will be required to foot the shipping and handling charges. Also, you have to ship more than half of your order’s contents to qualify for a refund.

  • Great customer support
  • Wide variety of nootropic products available
  • Easy-to-use and secure website
  • Friendly terms of service
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Products are tested for quality and purity
  • One of the top nootropic LLC vendors
  • They offer order tracking services
  • Cryptocurrency payments are accepted alongside normal credit card ones
  • Deliveries to Asia, Africa, and Australia are usually 5 business days which is quite slow

Concluding This Pure Nootropics Review

Like any other company out there, Pure Nootropic is no stranger to complaints and controversy. Fortunately, their moderators are active and well-known in various communities including Trust Pilot and Reddit and, therefore, any issues are immediately addressed and fixed.

In situations where genuine customers are disappointed, the team always gets in touch and remedies the situation quite professionally.

With that said, the vendor seems to be one of the few reliable smart drug vendors out there who are also quite affordable. We’ve ordered from them 3 times or so, nothing but quality stuff from them so far.
If you’ve decided to order nootropics from them, you can do so here >>.

James Kerry

James is a skilled scientific researcher & fitness enthusiast with 10 years of extensive research in the use of nootropics, herbs & earth-grown products. He holds a Bsc in Public Health. Medically Reviewed by Dr. Dawn Clifford, MS, RD

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