Zhou Driftoff Review

Zhou Driftoff Review: Our Dead Honest Opinion & Suggestions

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Zhou Nutrition has become a household name in the supplement industry. This Utah-based company offers a wide range of supplements for both men’s and women’s health including stress-relieving adaptogens. One of their best sellers is Neuro-Peak which is reported to support focus, clarity, and better memory.

However, Zhou Driftoff is their most popular sleep aid supplement. They designed it to help ease restlessness, calm anxiety, and promote deep, restful sleep. But does it even really do any of this? How does it work and is it safe?

In this Zhou Driftoff review, we take a closer look at this supplement to see how it performs.

Quick Facts

Product: Zhou Driftoff Premium Sleep Aid

Manufacturer: Zhou Inc.

Country: Park City, UT (USA)

Best Price: See on Amazon

Zhou Driftoff Overview, Claims & Ratings

Manufactured by Zhou Nutrition, this is an ‘all-natural’ dietary supplement that is designed to promote a better night’s sleep. According to the manufacturer, the formula is formulated by a team of experts using only the highest quality ingredients.

What’s more? This soothing sleep supplement is produced in an FDA certified facility following good manufacturing practices (GMP). Plus everything is tested at their lab in Utah to ensure the formula is free of contaminants, heavy metals, and irradiation.

Additionally, Zhou Nutrition claims that this supplement is made with only natural and non-habit forming ingredients. Therefore, you probably don’t have to worry about any side effects. Best of all, the capsules are vegetarian-friendly.

How Does It Work?

Like most sleep aids, Zhou Driftoff works by calming your mind and easing restlessness. As it turns out, when you’re stressed and very tired, you have a hard time falling asleep. So, this supplement simply helps you slip into deep relaxation and as a result, you get a great night’s sleep.

It does this by combining just the right amount of herbal adaptogens, non-habit-forming natural sedatives, and other whole plants. These ingredients work in synergy to help you feel more refreshed, energized, and ready to face the day.

Ingredients List

Note the cheap fillers.

Zhou Driftoff formula contains 8 ingredients. Unfortunately, most of these ingredients lack sufficient scientific backing (and don’t get us started on the cheap fillers). Nevertheless, there are still a few of them that work as advertised.

Let’s now take a look at each of the ingredients and find out how exactly they enhance sleep.

  • Valerian Root 150 mg

Valerian root is a herb native to Asia and Europe that has been used since ancient times for insomnia and nervousness. It contains compounds that may help promote a calming effect by subtly increasing the levels of GABA.

One study found that taking 400-900 mg of valerian root extract at night helped people fall asleep fast and have improved sleep quality (1).

Therefore, we think that this ingredient is not optimally dosed. However, more studies are still needed to prove its effectiveness as a sleep aid.

  • GABA 100 mg

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter that is naturally produced in the body. Its main role is to minimize the activity of neurons in the central nervous system and brain. This, in turn, helps promote feelings of relaxation, calmness, reduced stress, and better sleep.

In a 2018 study involving, 40 participants who took 300 mg of this ingredient an hour before going to bed fell asleep faster (2). This is compared to those who took a placebo.

However, several studies have shown that GABA is not able to cross the blood-brain barrier when taken orally (3). Some studies, on the other hand, suggest that this ingredient does cross the blood-brain barrier but in small amounts. So supplementing with GABA does not necessarily lead to higher levels in the brains.

  • Tryptophan 100 mg

This is an essential amino acid that is naturally found in foods high in protein. Generally, once Tryptophan is absorbed, the body usually converts it into 5-HTP. This 5-HTP is then converted into serotonin and melatonin.

As you might already know, both serotonin and melatonin are believed to play a major role in regulating sleep. So, by boosting their levels in the brain, this ingredient may help promote improved mood and better sleep.

While the optimal dosage for this ingredient has not been determined yet, it’s advisable to take at least 500 mg for the best results. Therefore, Zhou Driftoff seems to be underdosed.

  • Chamomile Extract 100 mg

Similar to Valerian root, Chamomile extract is a traditional remedy that has been used since ancient times to fight insomnia. But does this ingredient actually help people fall asleep faster? Unfortunately, its effectiveness as a sleep aid has not been widely researched.

But according to a 2017 study, elderly patients who took a higher dose of chamomile extract orally slept significantly better (4). This is compared to participants who did not take the extract.

Generally, typical doses range from 90 mg to 400 mg so this ingredient is with no doubt well dosed.

  • Passion Flower Extract 100 mg

This ingredient has been shown to contain chemicals that have sleep-inducing and calming effects. Besides, it appears to boost the levels of GABA in your brain. This compound has been reported to help lower activity in the brain which in return may help promote relaxation and better sleep.

  • Lemon Balm Extract 100 mg

Lemon balm has traditionally been used to reduce stress and anxiety, ease discomfort for digestion, and promote sleep.

In a study (5) involving participants with minor sleep issues, those who took a combination of lemon balm and valerian root reported improved sleep. But of course, more research is still needed.

However, you may need to take 300 to 500 mg of lemon balm extract for optimal calming effects.

  • Hops Extract 100 mg

Hops is a plant that mostly grows in Europe, North America, and Asia. Its extract is widely used for brewing beer.

Also, it has traditionally been used as a sedative to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Several studies suggest that when hops extract is paired with valerian root, the combination may help you fall asleep faster. In one study (6), hops was shown to have natural sedative effects that help increase sleep time.

  • Melatonin 2 mg

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced in the brain by the pineal gland. It is believed to help regulate sleep and circadian rhythms. In fact, some research suggests that melatonin supplementation might help treat sleep disorders.

For instance, in a study (7) comprising of insomnia patients aged 55 years and older, melatonin was shown to improve sleep quality.

The participants were given 2 mg melatonin so we can say that Zhou Driftoff contains the optimal dosage of this ingredient.

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How to take This Sleep Aid

The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules with a glass of water. For best results, you should take the supplement 20-30 minutes before bedtime. Also, you should not exceed the recommended dose.

Any Potential Side Effects?

This dietary supplement is made without gluten, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, animal products, preservatives, tree nuts, milk, or derivatives. Additionally, Zhou Nutrition claims that it contains only natural, non-GMO, and non-habit forming ingredients. Therefore, this formula appears to be safe.

Besides, most of the ingredients have been extensively studied and are deemed safe if consumed in the right dosages.

That said, it is worth noting that everybody is different. So, if you experience any side effects, we recommend you stop using the supplement and consult a physician.

Where to Buy, Pricing, & Shipping

If you decide to give this sleep aid formula a try, you could buy it either on Zhou Nutrition’s official website or Amazon.

A bottle containing 60 veggie capsules goes for $21.04 both on Amazon and the official website. However, you could save up to 20% if you subscribe to the ‘30 days, 60-days, or 90 days auto-deliveries’.

As far as shipping is concerned, the manufacturer claims to offer free shipping. Best of all, they also ship their products internationally. As if that’s not enough, Zhou Nutrition does stand behind the quality of their supplements by offering a full 60-days money-back guarantee.


Zhou Driftoff Reviews from Customers

Overall, this premium sleep aid has received mixed reviews on different sites including Amazon. Most users especially those who have had to deal with insomnia for years reported that it actually worked. For instance:

  • Amanda posted on the Zhou Nutrition’s official website saying that:

“She has struggled with insomnia for the most part of her life. She has even been on prescription sleeping drugs for around 10 years. But when she tried Zhou Driftoff, it really helped her sleep four nights in a row”.

  • Logan, a verified buyer posted on Amazon saying:

“I can say for a fact that this supplement really works. I took it 30 minutes before bedtime and it had me falling asleep within 15+- minutes”.

Of course, there are also some negative ratings like:

“This product did not work for me even after using it as directed for two weeks. I’m really hoping that it will begin to work because of the many positive reviews”. – Fit Chick, Amazon verified buyer

“Works ok. Some nights it does help me fall asleep faster and other nights I have to lay in bed for a couple of hours before I can fall asleep”. Jen, a reviewer on Zhou’s official website

  • Excellent customer service
  • The manufacturer does honor the refund policy
  • Made using the highest-quality ingredients
  • All the ingredients are lab-tested for safety and purity
  • No reported side-effects
  • Uses ingredients that are backed by scientific evidence to promote sleep quality
  • Capsules are vegetarian-friendly
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A bit pricey for what it offers
  • Most of the ingredients’ dose is pretty low
  • Results may vary from one person to another

Final Verdict

As we sum up this Zhou Driftoff review, we’d like to say that this sleep aid contains some pretty effective sleep enhancers. However, most of these ingredients are not optimally dosed which makes it less potent.

On top of that, many lack sufficient scientific or clinical evidence as to how it can help optimize your sleep.

So overall, this formula looks like a distinctly average sleep aid. But it’s by no means a bad product, only that it’s overrated. If you’re looking for a more potent sleep aid supplement that can help you fall asleep faster, there are far better options.

One of them is Performance Lab Sleep by Opti-Nutra that covers nearly every aspect of sleep enhancement & comes with better ingredients.

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Performance Lab SleepWe prefer the Performance Lab Sleep product from Opti-Nutra because it’s made from premium ingredients and it doesn’t have fillers.

The fact that it has nothing but clean ingredients means a lower likelihood of side effects and of course, better sleep quality.

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